Magpul ACS-Style Airsoft Carbine Stock


I was on the market for a stock that would replace my good old Magpul CTR stock and wanted something a bit more in line with the DMR-ish style I wanted to give to my Dytac AEG (stay sharp for the full review very soon on this website!). Looking and researching the Airsoft market, I had a few considerations in mind since I was after a low cost stock that would not sacrifice on the quality and the looks. So something that would be reasonably priced, good-looking and durable.

I guess the above isn’t easy to come by in just one Airsoft product, so let’s see if my choice was the right one.


Here, I believe there’s no dispute that Magpul designs some of the best damn looking stocks in the market and being a clone, it’s the closest thing to the real deal.

And the ACS stock is very cool and has a very nice design which is somewhere between the CTR’s simplicity and the complexity of the PRS.

The build quality is remarkable, and even though it’s a clone, it’s very solid and the material that has been used is very high quality. Not the same quality as the original stock, however, it is very close in terms of how sturdy and well finished this is.

As I mentioned, I wanted to have a stock that would be ergonomic and still fit the DMR profile and the ACS was just that, with some added nice features when compared to the CTR.

One of these features is the small cargo compartment which I was really setting a lot of expectations since I’m starting to film my games and it would be just perfect to carry around my Contour camera's backup batteries.

Unfortunately, the compartment isn’t big enough to insert a single battery, so I won’t be using it for that purpose. However there are tons of other options that this small compartment can be used for, such as a map or game rules compartment, dead rag transport compartment, candy bar, Lipo battery checker, you name it!

The cargo options don’t end on this compartment as you’ve got a couple of cylindrical compartments that run across the stock and can be used specifically to store two AA batteries or 3 CR123 for your flashlight or optics. Access is easy and you just have to remove the small rubber cap at the end of the stock.

Apart from this, you also get a sling attachment point, and an accessory that makes it really easy to use QD mounts with the added benefit that you can use to any of the sides; and an extra recoil pad which is thicker and I really like it because, although the AEG where it's installed doesn’t have any recoil, it feels quite comfortable when shouldering the gun and has a lot of grip as it seems to have a different finish and material. Even the design allows more grip since it has more lugs and these are a bit more pronounced, definitely increasing the grip.

My only issue with the pads has to do with the fact that they come off fairly easily from the adapters that go into the stock. Of course, nothing that some contact or super glue cannot fix, but if most of the stock is very nice in terms of quality, this is indeed the most negative point I found.


And this brings us to the operational aspect of this item.

Installing the stock is pretty much like the CTR and you’ll need a tool or the included dummy bullets in order to lift the small spring, although I do prefer a small screwdriver as the bullets tend to be too soft for the very strong spring that has been installed.

You also get 5 positions that will increase the length from your shoulder to the rifle and thus making the firing position when aiming more comfortable and also helps in terms of accuracy since you won’t be moving around as much trying to find your sweet spot.

The difference, however, from the CTR is the friction lock that is supposed to minimise the stock wobble and increase stability while shooting. Honestly, I didn’t notice any difference when using this system, when it comes to wobble, but it did help to lock the stock in place making it a bit more difficult to accidentally change the stock position on the buffer tube.

For me the premium is in fact the cheek support you get on this stock when compared to the CTR which is quite thin when compared to the ACS. It really becomes more pleasant and comfortable to use a stock that provides an extended cheek support, coupled with a thicker buttpad which makes this a very ergonomic stock for you and your AEG.


If you’re looking for something a bit more substantial than a CTR stock but don’t want to go all the way to a very expensive and high end stock, then this is the way to go.

The Magpul design and clone affordability make this the perfect stock to have in any AEG, provided you like the way it looks and are willing to compromise with the butt-pad issues.

You can get the ACS Style stock at Airsoft Deals for only £15.70, both in Black or Dark Earth.


  • Very affordable
  • Very good quality
  • Cheek rest is great
  • Well balanced
  • Compartments


  • Rubber pads fall easily

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