Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants


Having gear that is great for work, everyday life and Airsoft is a big plus for me.  In the process of looking for a pair of tactical pants that I could use daily, I took a look into the Helikon-Tex UTP’s or Urban Tactical Pants from their Urban Tactical line. This is a new product from Helikon and it is just that: a pair of stylish pants that can be worn in many occasions and with lots of nice features.


The design of these pants is very different from traditional Tactical pants, which is refreshing. For instance, the cut of the pants is also different, being that they are somewhat loose on the bottom and legs, and tighter at the waist and hips. But this is especially noticeable by the way the pockets have been positioned and their shape. If you take a closer look at the photos, the front and back pockets are joined at the hip making a sort a of “V” shape. And the cargo pockets on the legs are slanted, positioning them in a way that it’s faster and easier to access what you have stored inside.

The pants are also reinforced with double stitching in several high stress areas and there are also some areas where they’ve added extra layers of fabric, such as at the knees, which include knee pad inserts, and the pockets to transport flashlights or say a Walkie-Talkie.

For me one of the nicest features is the large selection of pockets and compartments on the pants which are 12 in total, since having storage options is never enough for me!

Near the cargo pockets, which have YKK Zips with pull tabs, there are a two small pockets which allow me to carry a smartphone, or a pistol mag in case I'm in an airsoft game. These are very fast and easy to open thanks to the small Velcro panel being that they are placed in a way that you can easily grasp the flap even with thick gloves. So overall, all the pockets and ways to access them are very glove friendly.

At the back, you’ll find two smaller pockets which can be used to store coins or say some cuff keys. Also, instead of the traditional snap or closure button there’s a large and wide Velcro panel which comes in quite handy to better adjust at the waist.

The belt loops are quite wide, and have enough clearance for my ArcTeryx Riggers Belt. They are rigid enough to hold a belt holster without any wobble when I run with my gun holstered.


During the past weeks I’ve been using these pants on a daily basis and not just for airsoft since they are very nice looking, stylish, and very comfortable to wear.
This comfort is also true when I wear them on most outdoor activities, Airsoft included.

Thanks to an elastic band on the back, and the Velcro panel on the front, I’m able to adjust the width of the pants to my waist and even when moving, the pants stretch with the movement, and adapt to what I am doing.

And since they are loose on the legs there’s a lot of freedom for movements. As for the fabrics used by Helikon, these are as expected to be of very good quality, very comfortable but at the same time quite durable. Just by touching the fabric you can see its very malleable but also strong and slightly thick.

The version I am wearing is mainly made out of cotton (97%) and 3% spandex. There is the rip-stop version which has 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester and 3% Spandex. So they might not be as comfortable to the touch but they will be even more durable.


As always, Helikon came out with a very good product at a great price, with neat features that are valid for the tactical world and for my everyday life.
For me, these have become a pair of pants I use on a daily basis and not only for airsoft. This is how much I like them!

For around £52.99, around €62 or $80, you can get a pair of these great looking and very comfortable pants.

These are available from Military1st and they come in Coyote, just like the ones reviewed here, or in Black, OD, Khaki, Olive Drab, Multicam and Denim Blue.

I would like to thank Helikon-Tex for the opportunity to review their Urban Tactical Pants.


  • 12 pockets mean lots of storage options
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Rugged and durable fabrics
  • Stylish
  • Great price


  • None

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