East Crane EC-102 416 AEG Externals


The package comes in an unassuming, simple brown box. No flashy graphics, no fancy texts, just a sticker labeling what’s inside. The gun is secured with just enough amount of foam with a typical Chinglish manual is also provided. The package I got does not come with a battery and charger, but included a 300 rounder magazine.

The gun comes with a 416 style 6 position stock, a Heckler & Koch MR665A1 style pistol grip and a standard 9” H&K rail system (replaced immediately with a Remington free float rail system for the 416). The gun also comes with a pair of H&K-style front and rear sights.

It is weird that this gun comes with a pair of plastic sights (not that I’m going to use them anyway). Everything else that is metal on the real thing, is metal here --- metal bird cage flash hider, metal receivers, metal rails, metal mags, yadda yadda yadda… pretty standard nowadays for AEGs. But that’s just the tip of it all.

EC 416 with: 10.5" Remington rail system for the 416 (RAHG), Working PEQ 15, Eotech holo sight with magnifier, SF M600 light with IR flip up cover.

Interestingly, the bolt stop works on this particular model. Pull the charging handle to expose the hop-up and the dummy bolt stays in place. Push the bolt stop and it closes. There’s even a mock gas tube inside the front rail. I am not sure if these come standard with the rest of the E&C M4 models as this is my first time to hold an E&C AEG. These features are nice extras you see in premium AEG brands, so seeing them in my 416 is a pleasant surprise. The gearbox, I would assume, has the quick spring change feature. I haven’t tried disassembling it yet as I don’t see the urgency to do so. Curiosity would have to sit still for now.

Trades. Trades, trades, trades…

I have been holding back since the beginning, but will say this now: this is a very close VFC clone. The only difference I have observed (externally) was the hop-up. The E&C uses the classic one-piece knob-type hop system, while the VFC uses the newer one-piece dial-type system. And the difference ends there. When it comes to trades, they are the same everywhere. Literally, in doubt? I’ll let the photos do the talking. ;)

Crisp laser printed markings.

Selector is not ambidextrous.

HK branding on the dummy bolt.

The only thing that says it's not a VFC.

A small window on top of the butt stock indicates the position of the stock.

Crisp laser engraving on the mag.

The mag does not have a winding wheel. It includes a small key that you use to wind the 300 rounder mag.

Plastic front sight.

Plastic rear sight.

Nice detail on the pistol grip. To access the motor adjustment screw, you have to remove this knob. I personally like it that way.

Battery compartment. An 11.1v tootsie roll lipo is snug. Further modification would allow a 30c to fit.

Left: E&C 416, Right: WE 416. Notice the small angle difference of the grips. Being an AEG, the E&C needs that angle for the motor vs gearbox mate.

Getting the aesthetics of the VFC and forgetting about that brand’s notorious quality issues is such a relief. Shelling out a third of the cost of a VFC 416 is a big bonus too. Although this is not on the cheap-end of the spectrum, it is nowhere near the high-end ones, either. It sits right smack at the middle in terms of cost, a place where I’m more comfortable spending on the hobby. With all these considered, buying the E&C was an easy decision.

So should you buy one? I don’t know. You tell me. ;)

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