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The King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG

King Arms was kind enough to let us take a look at the main prize of Alpha Omega Protocol game at Mrcara -- the King Arms VSS Vintorez AEG.  This actual replica will be presented by Kreso (the organizer and founder of Adriatic Airsoft Alpha) to the lucky winner. Get in touch with Kreso if you're interested and want to win this King Arms replica.

The ICS-18 MX5-PRO AEG Revisited

Straying away from the M4 platform is not easy for me, like many Airsofters who were first introduced to this platform and kind of grew into it.  Firstly, because of the mindset and the way I operate my gun, it has become so familiar to me and it gets so intuitive to operate it that I feel it’s one less variable out of the way. Changing to a different platform at the beginning always seems awkward and it takes me some time to get used to the little or big differences.

Emerson Fast Jump Helmet Cover (AOR1)

If you have bought a helmet with a camo paint, as I did, and wish to protect the paint from the elements; if you wish to protect your investment; or simply because you want the option to run your helmet with more kits that have different camo patterns, then you should definitely get one of these covers from 365 Airsoft.

Hazard 4 EVAC Photo Recon Sling Pack

We have always been on the search for a photo bag that can also match our tactical outfits and withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Surely, there are many photo bags already out there that can take care of the photo equipment of the outdoor loving photographer but in airsoft or combat photography, we need something that can handle the rough and tumble job, whether covering a firefight in the woods, up the hills, or some built-up area.

Helikon Mojave Desert Boots Coyote/Multicam

This is my first review after some forced time off, since I moved to London and it took me some time to get settled here, so I am hoping to get back to regular my reviews and Airsoft playing from now on! Anyway, before coming over, I’ve had enough time to check out the new Mojave Desert Boots which basically are the first boots from Helikon-Tex.

LiFe-PO4 9.9V Battery Review

Essential to any Airsoft AEG are the batteries that power our electric guns. Without them we can’t play But there are so many kinds of batteries out there such as Lipos and NiHMs, with different voltages and discharge rates, and now another kind of battery arises to join this confusion?

In short yes, it’s another choice that we as Airsofters can make when buying a battery, which I consider great since I love choices.

US Night Vision Rapid Wraps - Mag Wraps

Torrendo Distribution is the company that has recently gained the rights for the distribution of the Rapid Wraps – Mag Wraps in the UK, and they have been kind enough to send me few Mag Wraps for review. Rapid Wraps are a Vinyl line of products with different camos from US NightVision.

Vortex Optics VMX-3T Magnifier

Vortex has come a long way from being a less known (at least to us Airsofters), low cost optics maker for hunting rifles to a rising star in this competitive industry. Even the Stickman now uses their awesome optics in his photos alongside with top of notch AR15s and other real steel dream stuff such as BattleComp compensators, Magpul, SureFire, Noveske, among others.

XPower M18 CO2 Powered Claymore Mine

Recently, I’ve come across a product which I wanted to have for a quite some time now: a Claymore mine! Like many Airsofters, I have seen several models out there which at first look quite interesting, but once you look at their features  they are quite limited and most of these require the user to “detonate” them which has nothing to do with the objective of a claymore mine, since its autonomous.

WE Airsoft Little Bird GBB Pistol

The WE Little Bird Gas Blow Back pistol is based on the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact widely used by the Police and Military around the world, hence the M&P letters. Included in the manufacturer’s SP Series along with its bigger brother, the Big Bird, this gun offers some unique and interesting features that are great for playing in CQB games or using it as a secondary weapon as a backup for instance when someone hits your primary.