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JJ Airsoft SRS Style 1x38 Red Dot Sight

The SRS-style Red Dot Sight from JJ Airsoft is the spitting image of the SRS01, one of the few reflex sights sold and produced by U.S. manufacturer Trijicon. One of them, or at least its airsoft replica I was able to review here on Popular Airsoft: the JJ Airsoft Reflex Red Dot sight.

Airsoft Systems 85-Rd. Polymer AEG Mag

For quite some time there were only two magazine options for an M4: the regular GI mag and its shorter version. But now everyone is making synthetic mags after Magpul released their polymer mag back in 2007. PTS/Magpul magazines are the most common ones out there but King Arms/CAA and Socom Gear/Troy mags started to show up in magazine pouches recently. It is hard to come up with anything interesting on this field but I guess Airsoft Systems just did it.

MadBull Noveske NSR & Crusader Barrel

MadBull Airsoft have simply the best and most realistic accessories for Airsoft guns in the market nowadays. The fact that they have several major real steel brands licensing airsoft versions of their products is an obvious sign that they’re doing what it takes not only to provide realistic Airsoft replicas as well as superbly manufactured products.

The WE TT-33 Tokarev GBB Pistol

One of the less discussed Airsoft event segment is the re-enactment game, where a group of players who share the interest of a particular war period get together and shoot each other with guns and gear used for that war period. This is probably a simplistic way to put it, and perhaps is not fair to the growing popularity of these events where experienced regular Airsofters or simply war history enthusiasts get together to remember how war was waged say during Vietnam, World War 2 or even World War I.

The Amoeba Airsoft AM-013 "Honey Badger"

PART 1: The Amoeba Airsoft brand from ARES Airsoft have released a new airsoft rifle that boasts of high quality make and design that I’m sure will become very popular among modern warfare airsoft enthusiasts or other FPS video games as the design will be very familiar to those who have been playing some of the popular FPS video games in recent years.

Flyye Industries Law Enforcement Chest Rig

This is that time of the year you curse your body armour. The weight of it, the lack of breathability and awkwardness while playing on a hot summer day. Luckily, if you’re not thinking about doing a whole weekender, you can grab yourself a lightweight highly breathable chest rig and run a minimalistic loadout that will not only  give you speed, it can also help you cool in these sizzling days!

Ace1 Arms OSP Range Up Suppressor

I have had the luck to personally meet the guy behind Ace1 Arms at this year's IWA show where he gave me a sample of the Dark Earth, 8" version of this OSP Range Up Suppressor. The can works under the same principle as Angry Gun supressors do. There is a short tight bore barrel inside the supressor body but this suppressor body is way more stylish than anything else on the market. The built quality is excellent, no wobbles, threads are perfect even without lube.

TRUGLO TRITON 30mm Tri-Color Dot Sight

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to review a new brand of optics from a U.S. company called TRUGLO. TRUGLO sell a wide range of optics from crossbow opticss to real steel firearms such as hand guns, shotguns and AR scopes and red dots.  So it was a very good surprise to find out that this brand is interested in the Airsoft community as a platform for their products.

Specna Arms Three-Gun Combo Review

In Europe, Specna Arms first introduced themselves at this year's IWA & Outdoor Classics 2014 in Nurnberg at the Gunfire booth. For now, their offering cover AR15 variants and if you're in need of an M4 of some sort then most likely you will find something in their lineup, their offering covers most barrel lengths and styles.

Element 120 Lumens eM600 ScoutLight

Having a flashlight usually serves two purposes in Airsoft: adding bling to your primary and the second and most important one: using it as a tactical tool in CQB and night games. Either way you’ll want a lightweight, simple to use and affordable solution that doesn’t break the bank, that does the job and is built to last.

Element have created a product with these considerations in mind, so let’s take a look at how this is covered by the eM600 ScoutLight.