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APS Phantom Extremis Rifle Mark II AEG

The M4 carbine is still one or if not the most famous and best selling Airsoft RIF and the Airsoft market is saturated will all sorts of variants and designs. APS got some of the newer offerings of AR AEGs and one of them is the Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER). And on this review, we will be looking into the APS PER Mark II.

The Black Hornet CO2 Pistol By APS

The Black Hornet is an innovative airsoft handgun developed by APS they just released last week after a long period of development by the company of an airsoft blowback pistol that can be preferred as a primary weapon for airsoft games.

East Crane EC-102 416 AEG Externals

The package comes in an unassuming, simple brown box. No flashy graphics, no fancy texts, just a sticker labeling what’s inside. The gun is secured with just enough amount of foam with a typical Chinglish manual is also provided. The package I got does not come with a battery and charger, but included a 300 rounder magazine.

ARES Airsoft L1A1 Self Loading Rifle AEG

Now here’s a gun that you often see, but not on Airsoft games. This is more of a PC and console video game gun, which has been largely used on many Call of Duty titles as the infamous FN FAL from Belgian manufacturer FN Herstal.

Ares Airsoft Amoeba AM-016 AEG Part 2

The Ares Airsoft Amoeba AM-016 has been with me for over three months now, bringing it to fields for tests and now t's time to have a closer look. Take down should be quite straight forward but this AEG has a built-in MOSFET  that might make the gearbox a bit different from the standard AEG gearbox.


Blueye Tactical Eyewear Jager Ballistic Glasses

During the Ground Zero National Airsoft Event 2016, we get to visit Blueye Eyewear at their booth. I have heard and seen some of their products, mainly online, and now it was my first time to see them up close and personal. At their booth, I found Nigel Streeter of Airsoft Action Magazine who introduced to me Leigh Thomas of Blueye who immediately discussed with me the Blueye Tactical Eyewear lineup.

Zulu Tactical Goggles By Valken Tactical

Originally known as a paintball company, Valken Tactical has recently ventured into airsoft and is not only distributing their own complete airsoft guns which are either AEGs or HPA-powered, but also anything and everything that you will ever need for airsoft, from eye and face protection, to a full range of bio and precision BBs, tactical gears, HPA accessories, and so on.

Ares Airsoft Amoeba AM-016 AEG Part 1

The latest addition to the Amoeba Family by Ares Airsoft is the AM-016. This is the long version of this AEG variant from Ares with its 13.5" keymod Octarms handguard. When I was told that our friends from Ares Airsoft were sending me another Amoeba AEG, the first thing that I said was I hope it can take a bigger battery. This was because the first Amoeba AEG that I came across with was the AM-013 "Honey Badger" variant and the battery compartment of that is not even small, it's tiny.

Plan Beta I.C.U. 2.0 Tactical/Gun Camera

Plan Beta is a company that released an airsoft action camera named the I.C.U. (Integrated Camcorder Unit) Tacticam. This, they claim, is the first video camera made specifically for airsoft. The first generation ICU Tacticam did not make a good impression to airsofters and reviewers so now they have released their 2.0 HD 720P and they've sent us a sample with the gen 1 camera to review.


Tippmann Arms M4 CO2/HPA Rifle Part 2

I finally had the chance to take the Tippmann M4 HPA Airsoft carbine to the test. In Part 2 of this review I will talk about the M4 and also the kit that I used.  There are a lot of advantages using the Tippmann M4. One advantage is that there are no electronics in this RIF so it can virtually be used in any weather condition. Also, as I have mentioned in Part 1, it is compatible with Marui-compatible AEG magazines so it has that versatility of using mid caps or high cap mags depending on the users or type of game play.