CYMA CM.030: Low Cost Glock 18c AEP version

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If you're looking for a backup gun, look no further. The CYMA CM.030 (Glock18c) is what you'll ever need. A Tokyo Marui Glock18c clone, it fits the bill when you need a weapon in case your primary AEG breaks down or gets kicked out due to having higher fps limits than your local site would allow.

So why should you get an AEP? The no. 1 reason for me is not to spend on gas and just be happy with having rechargeable batteries.

At First Glance

The packaging of this AEP is good. It doesn't say that it is a Glock18c in the first place since it doesn't have the license to use the Glock trademarks.

Peering into the box, you'll get the following:

- The Pistol
- Bb Speedloader
- Standard 30 bb round magazine
- Cleaning rod
- 200 high-polished bb rounds
- Charger
- 7.2v 500mah Ni-MH Battery
- A small allen key
- Manual which is sort of rubbish

Holding the AEP, it feels light. I inserted the magazine and then it seems finely balanced. It has white-painted sights for the rear and front, no Glock markings and the fire selector switch is the knob on the left side. This is the version 2 gearbox, and the version 1 gearbox doesn't have sights painted with white.

It is easy to remove the metal slide by pressing the back portion of the AEP and pulling the metal slide. From there you'll discover the battery installation area and the hop-up adjustment.

The battery fits snugly, and hop-up is pretty decent enough.

The charger needs a 3-point adapter for UK players, it only came in with a two point charger. Connecting the battery to it needs you to slide it into the provided area to charge it.

The externals to me are finely made. The markings have "Made in China" and CYMA where the Glock marking should be.

Test Fire

I test fired this at a distance of 20 feet. It may not be totally accurate, but the shotgroups are decent enough for an AEP. You can go semi or full-auto with this.


I have barely used this AEP in previous skirmishes since my primary AEGs performed admirably perhaps due to care and proper maintenance of these. I got the chance to use this as a primary weapon in a CQB skirmish after my airsoft SMG was found out that it was way above the acceptable limits.

I dare say that this AEP is good as a primary weapon in CQBs. It performed flawlessly in this case, with around four hours of almost non stop games (it was endurance play). The downside of this is that you easily run out of ammo when you go full auto.


If you want to use this as a primary CQB weapon, then prepare to enhance it. One is to get the CYMA original glock rail for the 18c so you can attach a scope, torch, or laser sight to it. Secondly, buy the 100-round extended high cap magazines (four will do). Tokyo Marui Glock18c AEP magazines will fit perfectly to the CYMA version. Just spray some silicone into these and they will work like magic. I haven't encountered any misfeeds when using the TM magazines.

Buying Recommendation

If you have a low budget, need a good backup weapon, then I recommend you purchasing this. It'll cost around USD48.00 in Hongkong, USD60.00 in the US, and around £50 to £60 in the UK.

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