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APS Conception have released their latest version of the Phantom Extremis Rifle or the APS PER MK6. Yes, that is how fast the PER has evolved from the first one I reviewed last year which was then the PER MK2. Within a year, APS was able to release four more versions of this AEG series.

The APS PER MK6 is a short-barreled M4 PDW-style AEG that is ideal for Close Quarter Battles (CQB). The rifle boasts of a few nice features and solid build. The first thing that you will notice about the PER MK6 is its length. It has a fully collapsible, 4 position telescopic stock. What I like about this stock is that it is spring loaded and deploys really quick to its full length at a press of the release button located underneath. Also, unlike other AEGs with similar stocks, the PER MK6 stock is pretty solid with very minimal wobble even when extended fully.

At its front end, the PER MK6 features a 6- nch M-Lok handguard with flash hider that has a sound amplifier. The M-Lok handguard bears the M-Lok logo which I would assume have license or permission from Magpul based on Free Licence for APS to use. The sample sent to me included two M-Lok rail attachments and a handstop attachment. I am not sure if this is also included in the retail version.

The receiver is M4 style but APS have customised this to give the PER a unique look. It also features an ambidextrous mag release and ambidextrous fire selector. The fire selector is very crisp and rotates or cycle really good between the fire modes. The selector switch doesn’t just stop in position but you will hear a very audible click when it locks in place. The bolt release locks the fake bolt back when the charging handle is pulled making it easy to access the hop-up adjustment dial. The charging handle itself has extended handles allowing for easy pulling even with thick gloves. Similar to the other PER models, the MK6 also features a flat trigger which most players find more responsive.

The front and rear sights have two functions. When they are folded, they resemble a secondary pistol type sight which I am guessing is used when the rifle is shot like a pistol since these sights are way too low to be used when the rifle is being used in the traditional way. When flipped up, the sights are tall or high enough to look through even with the short stock. APS sent a buttstock extension that clips or screws on the bottom of the existing buttstock making it more comfortable to shoulder. What I found with these types of shorter AEGs with a smaller buttstock is that it is tricky trying to shoulder them properly and need to be held slightly higher than normal because of their length. So the extension plate helps in making the shooting stance a bit more comfortable.

The MK6 comes with a short hi-cap magazine which can probably accommodate around 300bbs. The polymer magazine looks really nice and the short length gives the rifle a more compact look. The magazine locks really well into the magwell but there is quite a bit of a wobble bad enough to hear the mag move about when the rifle is shaken but not bad enough to dislodge the magazine out.

Battery compartment is located within the stock tube. To access the compartment, simply pop the retaining pin out located at the top end of the stock tube. The space is decent and easily fits a short 7.4v nunchuck lipo battery. What I like with what APS did with the battery compartment to save valuable space is that they made the connecting wires short just enough for the small Tamiya to stick out of the end of the rear of the receiver. The only down side of this is that it will be tricky to change the connector especially for players who use the deans connectors but I like the way APS did the wiring as there isn’t much wires to worry about and the battery compartment looks very tidy.


For players who love playing in CQB sites, I would highly recommend for them to try the PER MK6. This little beast of an AEG is perfect in manoeuvring in tight corners. Even with the stock fully extended, the MK6 is still short enough to hold close to the body making movement through doors and corners a lot easier.

The MK6 muzzle velocity was measured between 330 to just over 340 fps which is pretty decent for a short barreled AEG. Range is not also good at around 20 meters when tested outdoors. Can serve as a good backup for snipers or even as a primary when playing in outdoor built up areas.

An extra added feature that APS gave the MK6 is flash hider with sound amplification. Similar to the standard “sound hog” airsoft amplifiers, the MK6’s “sound blaster type B” flash hider enhances the sound of every shot fired. Obviously, it will not have a loud “BANG!” but it is loud enough to be heard from quite a distance. Now, the sound generated by these amplifiers has what is commonly referred to as a Marmite effect, it’s either you like it or you don’t. Personally I don’t prefer my AEGs being too loud so if you are like me then the flash hider can easily be changed with standard 14mm counterclockwise threaded flash hiders.

Another feature that the older PERs have that the MK6 doesn’t is the EBB or Electric Blowback feature. When asked about why this is missing in this version of the PER, APS explained that they did not want the noise or sound generated by the EBB and the sound created by the Sound Blaster flash hider clash against each other which I think is a clever move as I think the two noise together will not blend with each other.


The Phantom Extremis Rifle or PER line of APS Conception has brought us quite a wide range and variety of the much loved and ever popular M4 platform but in a unique and original APS design. The MK6 haS once again showed the airsoft market that APS have gone leaps and bounds with the quality and design of its products. The MK6 is a fine example of high quality and solid build airsoft replica firearm that can stand side by side with more well known brands.

Good Bits:

  • Solid build
  • Short and compact design
  • Full metal construction
  • Unique PER design
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Sound amplified flash hider generates louder sound when fired
  • Good quality internals
  • Spring loaded quick-deploy CRS stock
  • Generous and easily accessible battery compartment
  • M-Lok full metal handguard
  • Flat trigger

Not so Good Bit

  • Loudness could be a disadvantage during games


Big thanks to APS for sending us this sample for review.

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