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Danner Melee 8-Inch In Multicam

Being such a Multicam addict I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review the new Danner Melee in, that’s right, Multicam! Since I am the proud owner of a pair of the TFX Rough-Out GTX in A-TACS, I have some very high expectations for these boots in terms of comfort and durability.

So let’s see exactly how the Danner Melee boots stack up!


Emerson Tactical JPC Vest In Multicam

The item described in this review is an airsoft replica of Crye Precision’s Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC) made by Emerson Tactical. It is possibly their first generation release as I have been hearing of succeeding releases being vastly improved. I have yet to see such and will follow up with another review if I do.

Dytac Combat Series M4 CQBR AEG

Over the past four months, I’ve been using a new AEG from Dytac that ASGShop sent me. Dytac, or Dynamic Tactical have been in the market for a while as a parts and accessories manufacturer. In fact, they have been one of the greatest responsible for the introduction of water transfer products in Airsoft with their great looking Water Transfer Decoration line in different camo patterns such as A-TACS AU/FG, Multicam, and many more.

5.11 Tactical TRIAB 18 Backpack

The 5.11 Tactical TRIAB 18 is not your ordinary backpack. In fact it’s not even just a backpack since it also converts into a sling bag in just a few seconds. Also the way you get to your stuff inside the pack is everything but conventional, and it’s very well thought out as you will see. So how can a brand really innovate and reinvent something that seems to have already evolved as much as it could?

eAiming 5X 28m Aimpoint Magnifier

This airsoft scope is designed to give red dots and other reflex sights the advantage up to 5x magnification. The scope is designed to be placed behind a reflex sight. The scope lacks a reticle (ie. cross-hairs), instead relying on the projected reticle of reflex sight. Magnified you really notice the fuzzy reticles of cheap aimpoint/red dot knock offs vs. real steel reflex sights.

SAG MPC v1 Plate Carrier Review

Getting a good rig is rather a complex process, since there are tons of models and loads of makers. Also pricing is quite important since a nice rig costs quite a few bucks, its important you try and get it right the first time.  Also, it will depend on your personal needs and tastes if you want to go with something lighter like a chest rig or if you want more load bearing options and choose to go for a plate carrier. In between you’ll find a lot more variations and models of vests.

APS UAR Review w/ Evike Matt & Moondog

Editor's Note: This is the first review of the APS UAR AEG which gets posted at our Reviews Section courtesy of Moondog with some help from Matt from as he walks us through the AEG when Moondog visited This is a full video review with transcript as narrated by Moondog also included here.

RedFire Kar98k Gas Powered Rifle

The Karabiner 1898 Kurz was used by the Wehrmacht from 1935 to 1945 with the designation K98K translates to: Short Carbine Model 98 and the Mauser rifle family dating back to the 1890s. The weapon was introduced by order of the Kaiser in 1898 as the Gewehr 98 and became the standard infantry weapon of all German forces. A modified, shortened version of the rifle (K98K) was introduced into the Wehrmacht in 1935.

Helikon-Tex ACU in Camogrom

Helikon-Tex have grown to be one of the most well-known and respected brands on the Airsoft scene. They’ve been introducing some very high level partnerships and popular camouflage patterns recently such as those from Hyde Definition PenCott and A-TACS.

CAA Airsoft RONI SIG P226 Carbine Kit

CAA Tactical are a world leader in the development and manufacture of superior advanced arms accessories and one of their famous products is the RONI pistol-carbine kit which allows you to drop in a pistol and easily use it carbine form. With the establishment of the CAA Airsoft Division based in Hong Kong, CAA products are now available to meet the specifications of the airsoft market.