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daVinci Dynamics WiFi Airsoft Precision Target

These days, you can do a lot with your smartphone or your tablet. From the basic functions of making calls and texting your mates and family to checking your emails, play games, browse the web, and do much, much more. Even in airsoft, there are apps that you can use to coordinate team play during skirmishes and record scores for airsoft practical shooting.

ForceCore Armament FC-109 M4 AEG

ForceCore is, to me and many Airsofters out there, a new name and a new player in the market. One of my latest reviews was a first for me, not just in terms of the brand itself but also in terms of an AEG which I had never seen or used before: the Spectre SMG.

So it was not so easy to gauge the actual quality of this brand (although the quality of the Spectre is seemingly good) since I had no other references.

Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator

Lasers in Airsoft are always seen as non-essential and sometimes people fear them. If well-used, and used in the right circumstances and the right laser, it can even be very helpful for your gameplay. Usually most commercial grade lasers are allowed on Airsoft sites with the exception of blue lasers which usually have a far more powerful output.

The RWA Interdynamic KG-9 Assault Pistol

The first time I've seen this gun was in a movie called "Big Trouble in Little China" with Kurt Russell and I love it ever since. The initial design of the gun had several versions with bigger and smaller changes over the years but it, sadly, disappeared and never became a success story. People complained about reliability issues, some said it is impractical, but almost everyone knows this gun's distinctive shape from a video game, movie, rap video or news reels.

JJ Airsoft 3.5-10×40 E-SF R/G Reticle Scope

Following my recent incursion into the Designated Marksman Role (DMR), I was after an optic that would not just be true to the essence of the role itself, but also, it would have some history in common with the M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) I’m using  at the moment (the Ares Airsoft version).

ForceCore Industries Spectre SMG AEG

Looking for something completely different? The Spectre M4, although bearing the “M4” in its designation has nothing to do with the M4 platform. In fact it couldn’t be further from the latter. This Italian made sub machine gun has a very unique look to it thanks to its compactness and pistol like design.

The real steel version or should I say versions, since there are several, has a polymer body and stamped steel receiver, and in some cases a folding stock or a suppressor.

Magpul ACS-Style Airsoft Carbine Stock

I was on the market for a stock that would replace my good old Magpul CTR stock and wanted something a bit more in line with the DMR-ish style I wanted to give to my Dytac AEG (stay sharp for the full review very soon on this website!). Looking and researching the Airsoft market, I had a few considerations in mind since I was after a low cost stock that would not sacrifice on the quality and the looks. So something that would be reasonably priced, good-looking and durable.

ARES Airsoft Knights M110 SASS AEG

The time has come for me to try out the DMR, or the designated marksman rifle role. And just why did I choose this role over perhaps the sniper role? Basically because the DMR role sits somewhere between having an assault rifle and having a sniper rifle, only with a few very nice perks!

Electro River Lithium Polymer Batteries

Lipo batteries can be very nice, especially if we’re talking about 11.1v Lipos which just increase the ROF (rate of fire) in most airsoft guns like crazy thanks to their high voltage. But at the same time they can be very temperamental and hard to manage. Especially if you’re not hands on, and a bit sloppy with your stuff, forgetting to give it a good charge after each game or simply by not getting a Lipo alarm to avoid the complete discharge and likely demise of your Lipo battery.

JJ Airsoft ATLAS QD Rifle Bipod

If you’re getting into the world of snipers, or DMRs (designated marksman rifles), one of the accessories that always comes to mind is the bipod, and just how useful it can be for you. I’m going through the exact same situation, and I had no idea on how it could be useful, or even if it was useful at all, before getting one.

Also it looks great with any Sniper/DMR rifle and gets your loadout a notch up when it comes to realism!