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NightStalker: Star Airsoft UMP Review

First Impression

The first time I held Star airsoft’s UMP reminds me of the movie The Matrix Revolution® and the movie sequel Bad Boys 2. Impressed by its strikingly “angas” (mean) look and its slow rate of fire that denotes a heavy firepower, I wondered how much more “angas” can an AEG look like.

Sputnik's TM Glock 17 Review


Both Elephant SWAT SL8 Review by NightStalker

Here I go again, got myself another Both Elephant automatic electric gun (AEG) with the metal gearbox version and now the ugly cousin of the G36 series, the SL8.

I'll skip the brand bashing this time as I previously did with my BE Steyr AUG review. We all know now about the ticklish Both Elephant brand of AEGs available in the market...or 168 market? ;D therefore I need not introduce to you the now respectable brand, Both Elephant.

The Gun

The A&K Electric Driven Box Mag for M4/M16

Have you ever been caught up by an OpFor in a corner somewhere while changing mags? You feel helpless innit? It happened to me lots of times. Or have you ever staged a brave assault into the enemy’s den and whilst in the middle of it all you realize that your mag is empty? Painful innit? Did you ever feel the need to play support gunner but can’t be bothered to carry a heavy rifle like the 6.5kg M249? Or your hicap manual winding magazine just can’t cope with the need for continuous/sustained firing?

Galaxy G5 MP5 PDW: Cute Li`l Devil

The Galaxy HK series is Galaxy's introductory line of airsoft guns. Altogether, the company has focused on producing the Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) category releasing three HK models: the MP5 PDW, the MP5K, and the MP7. I have the MP5 PDW and the MP7 since I prefer having foldable or retractable stock. My smaller size is also a factor since I'm just 5 feet and 5 inches, and weighing roughly 130lbs. Galaxy must have thought about me when it released its line of AEGs.

MadDog's Review of the Bell M92 Full Metal GBB

So my KJW Glock 32 died on me the last time I used it in CQB… my heart bled and I felt like I lost an arm…huhuhu. Since then, I have yearned for something to take its place…. Something compact, full metal, and with a proper kick. But, being an ACM addict like I am I just can’t be interested in expensive high end ones anymore. So, as usual, I searched the web pages of RSOV and found this: the Bell M92 full metal GBB pistol    I believe this is Bell’s version of the Beretta M92 9mm pistol.

AlenCore Rambo's HLK AK47 Motorized Drum Magazine

AlenCore Rambo gives us a very, very casual  review of the HLK Electric Drum Magazines for AK 47 AEGs.  He is one of the moderators of ACM Games.

In the box

an ak47 plastic drum mag

Inside the drum mag

By Pasyal from ACM Games: A&K M4 CQB

It's been quite a while since A&K released their maiden product, the ever popular M4 S-System. This model has placed A&K in front when it comes to ACM guns. They made a complete clone of one of Marui's exclusive model and improved on it more by removing the infamous "barrel wobble" seen on the original S-System. But now with new models coming out from JG and Boyi, A&K has to do something to maintain that competitive edge over the other companies. Thus, they release the M4 series. But we'll focus more on the CQB.

The Classic Army FN SCAR-L CQC

I had a JLS FN SCAR-L, but after checking it out of the box, made my tests, and looked at the internals, I decided to return it  due to its crappy worksmanship. So I hurried off to Airsoft Armoury and got a better one: the Classic Army (CA) SCAR-L. This is a better version in fact, and sometimes being second to releasing the FN SCAR airsoft version sometimes pays off. Now, G&G, VFC, and STAR are also coming out with their own versions.

A&K M249 MK2 Review from Action Hobbys

Editor's Note: This is published here with kind permission from ActionHobbys, which as of this posting, is accepting pre-orders for the A&K M249 MK1, MK2, and Para variants.  All pictures taken here are taken from the ActionHobby's web site. We believe it is Paul of ActionHobbys who wrote this review so all full-credits of this review belong to him and ActionHobbys.