PWS UXR: A Modular Marvel Revolutionizes The Tactical Rifle Landscape



Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) has introduced the UXR, a groundbreaking tactical rifle that stands out in the firearms industry. This modular marvel features an innovative XCHANGE system, enabling users to effortlessly switch between calibers and configurations within minutes. This marks a significant shift towards adaptability in the firearms landscape.

The UXR eliminates the need for separate rifles for different purposes. It can easily transition from a close-quarters CQB powerhouse in 300 BLK to a long-distance precision instrument in .308 WIN. This transformation involves just three simple changes: the barrel, magwell, and bolt head. The brilliance of the XCHANGE system lies in its simplicity, maintaining accuracy even after numerous caliber changes, thanks to a sub-MOA zero return when reinstalling the same barrel.

The ingenuity extends beyond its modularity. A modified long-stroke piston system, coupled with a unique bore-evacuation chamber, collaboratively produce a smoother, lower-recoil shot with minimal backpressure. This makes the UXR a pleasure to operate, whether it's suppressed or not.


Customization enthusiasts will be delighted with its AR-15 compatible fire control housing, which allows for easy trigger replacements and maintenance. For those in pursuit of the ultimate trigger experience, PWS has collaborated with TRIGGERTECH to equip the UXR with a sharp, adjustable trigger straight from the factory.

The UXR is designed with left-handed shooters in mind. It's fully ambidextrous, featuring a reversible folding stock mount and adjustable cheek rest and length of pull. The gas system is also designed to cater to a variety of needs, with an ambidextrous 3-position rocker valve that allows users to adjust the gas flow for optimal performance, particularly when suppressed.

Attention to detail is evident in the UXR. It features a tapered muzzle for perfect muzzle device alignment and is equipped with the PWS FRC compensator, which is compatible with quick-detach suppressors. To ensure everything stays organized, each UXR comes with a custom rifle bag specifically designed for XCHANGE components.

The UXR is not just a rifle; it's a platform. Initially available in 5.56 and 300 BLK, with additional calibers like .308 WIN and 7.62x39 soon to be released, the UXR is set to revolutionize the concept of owning a tactical rifle. Whether you're an experienced operator looking for unparalleled versatility or a firearms enthusiast seeking the ultimate customization experience, the UXR is a game-changing innovation you won't want to miss.

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