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PITTA: An All-In-One Camera Drone, Action Cam & Security Camera

PITTA Camera Drone

Imagine going to an airsoft game with a drone to get aerial shots of your game, an action cam to get a first person view of the action, and a selfie cam to take shots of yourself with your mates? That’s about two to three devices that you will carry together with your airsoft guns and gear. But how about if you get to have all those things in just one package?

On Kickstarter is a project called PITTA. The name itself makes want to get some Houmous and treat myself to a nice meal. Kidding aside, PITTA is, as what its makers say, a modular transformative drone:

It’s not just aerial, not just handheld, not just wearable or mountable, it’s all of these. It’s a complete system packed into a single device.

The PITTA package comes with the Camera body and the Drone and Action Cam Modules. To charge PITTA, a charging cradle also comes with the package. You can interchange the drone and action cam modes by using the snap and twist-to-lock design, which means you just move the camera body from either modules depending on your video capture needs.

In Drone mode, PITTA is terrain aware as well as the “Follow Me” feature in case you want the drone to follow you in action from the air. It orbits around the a target, come back home, and lands automatically:

In Action Cam mode, it captures video at 60fps, does burst modes, time lapse, live streaming, and sharing it via social media.

Once at home you can put it on its charging cradle and if placed in a strategic location in your house, can also act as security cam. It will be able to stream footage of your house via IP-Wifi via your mobile phone wherever you are.

As for the footage, it shoots 4K at 60fps, allowing you to do some slow-mo editing.

With the funding goal already met, the PITTA is seen to be ready for delivery by May 2018, if all goes well. There are still some pledge packages available if you want to be one for the first to receive it with the lowest being the US$289 which is the Kickstarter Exclusive Basic Kit and from there the packages get more expensive.

A three-in-one product, PITTA can be that drone and action camera that you might want to bring to the airsoft field if ever it gets released to market.