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The Philippine Army Adopts The Hyperstealth Camo Pattern

Philippine Army Troops in New Camopat

Actually, the news is not really fresh, but we just encountered this information via Soldier Systems, which blogged about this decision this week. Googling further, it has been reported by reliable Philippine blogs, in this case, Stukaph, in September 2016 after noticing the new camo patterns being worn by Army officials in news reports.

Now, looking at Hyperstealth’s Biotechnology Corporation Facebook page, they posted a video from the Philippine government-run PTV (People’s Television) where the new camo patterns were put on display. According to the Canadian company, the company developed the pattern with colours specifically for the Philippines:

The Philippines is just the latest of clients for the Hyperstealth, where they have already chalked up wins in New Zealand, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Mexico, as well as cooperating in developmental efforts with the U.S. Marine Corps, according to Soldier Systems. says that new uniforms are lighter and more adaptive for the terrain in the Philippines, as part of the Army’s plans to make the organization “World Class”, which we don’t know how they really define that. As Stuka further writes:

It’s official as per latest press released that the Camopat™, will be adopted by the Philippine Army. The selected digital camouflage pattern is professional and scientifically developed by the world’s renowned modern camouflage expert.

It was created by Mr, Guy Cramer, President/CEO of HyperStealth based on mathematical fractals (feedback loops) taking camouflage into an area of science that had been proposed by the experts but none were able to design (source: Hyperstealth). He is now considered one of the top camouflage designers in the world, developing hundreds of patterns every few months.

It was an excellent decision by the PH Government to solicit the expertise of Mr, Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth Biotechnolocy Corp. for the Philippine Military to be at par with other world’s leading military forces as far as camouflage uniform is concern. To the AFP uniform board, CONGRATULATION [sic] for the EXCELLENT CHOICE!

Too bad local airsoft players won’t be able to wear the new pattern for their impressions of units in the Philippine Army that have started to wear them. It is illegal for civilians in the Philippines for unauthorized use of official uniforms of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police under Republic Act 493.


Top photo: Philippine Army troops in action wearing the new CAMOPAT. (Photo source: W54biz forums, credit to the original photographer)