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Office Warfare Will Get Even More Fun With The Spitball Blasterz

Paper Shooters Spitball Blasterz

Whilst many of us will think of airsoft guns as toys, unfortunately we cannot bring one to the office as it is a most realistic looking toy that might just have security initiate a building lockdown. Nerf Guns are absolute fun too, but then you are limited to how many Nert darts available. The best way to survive an office war is to be able to use the most abundant thing as ammo --- paper, and in this new offering from Paper Shooters, it uses tissue paper.

Paper Shooters are back for more crowdfunding on Kickstarter, having previously successfully raised and shipped to customers worldwide, the Paper Shooters Zombie Slayer Construction kit, and they have a new product that their fans might want to fund again: the Spitball Blasterz.

Available in two models, the Spitball Blasterz use tissue paper, making the ammo 100% biodegrable and perhaps would just annoy the office cleaning crew after you have raided the toilet for more ammo, or grab that tissue box from that cute officemate on the other end of the floor. According to Paper Shooters, these paper blasters have a range of 65 feet. Not exactly you would like if you are thinking in airsoft terms, but for an office battle, that’s already long range.

Other features of the Spitball Blasterz is the realistic cocking system and real triggers. We are no sure if it still uses the same firing mechanism seen in the Paper Shooters Construction Kit but this is a shell ejecting system so it comes with a brass catcher so you don’t have to pick the shells up after firing them. This is magazine-fed and you can shoot up to 16 rounds before you need to insert a fresh magazine.

To supply yourself with enough rounds to outlast opponents, you can buy a pack of rounds from Paper Shooters, or you can make ones yourself using the mold that comes with the package.

If the required funding is achieved, the production will be done by a China-based manufacturer that also has a facility in Vietnam. The production partner is already experienced in mass producing toys for some of the big names in the toy industry and has agreed to work with Paper Shooters.

Remember to make friends with the office cleaning crew when you get your hands on one of these Spitball Blasterz. You’d probably get an extra roll or box of tissue to give yourself an advantage you’re your officemates.