07 Dec 2022 Offers Free Shipping and US$100 Off On the VFC AK74S

OptimusPrime is offering free shipping and US$100 off on the VFC AK74S.  The VFC AK74S-74UN PKG has about US$50 shaved off from its original retail price.  The real steel version fires a 5.45 x 39mm bullet, as compared to the AK-47 which dispenses the b

Theft of Airsoft Cargo of Airsoft Warrior


Somebody picked this up at the Arnies Airsoft forums that Airsoft Warrior just had their consignment of Airsoft ACMs stolen.

Russian Mania Workshop: No AKMS, No Inokatsu (at Airsoft-News.EU)


We were prompted by a reader regarding a posting made by the great guys at regarding an issue of Russian Mania Workshop with the Inokatsu AKMS.

Lao Bing M4A1 Available at WGC Shop


WGC Shop, a Hong Kong airsoft product retailer that ships world wide is now selling the Lao Bing M4A1 Electric Airsoft Rifle. This is an airsoft assault rifle with full metal features.

Skirmish Deals with Wolf Armouries


Wolf Armouries, the Camden Town (North of London) airsoft retailer, has announced that there will be skirmish deals for customers purchasing from them before the VCRA takes effect on 1 October...

Operation Overlord D-Day 20-21 October 2007 Camp Malauak


Philippine airsofters are organising the memorable World War II event: Operation Overlord D-Day 20-21 October 2007 at Camp Malauak, La Mesa Dam Area. This is located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, as it is a watershed supplying most of the water needs of residents in the country's capital.

Airsoft International September 2007 Volume 3 Issue 4 Now Out


Airsoft International Magazine September 2007 is now out and available at your favourite retailers..."A big thank you to Ai readers for making the launch of the AiM C.B.L.

Tactical Tailor Advisory to International Customers


Posted at the Tactical Tailor website...

Advisory: 911 Anniversary and Stand Down Call


To our readers, it is the 6th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers.

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