Tokyo Marui SIG P226 Chrome at Wolf Armouries


Wolf Armouries, the Camden Town (North of London) airsoft retailer , has new items in stock.

Galil ARM - Galil SAR - Micro Galil from TSI Armories


TSI Armories is owned and operated by IDF veterans who are active airsoft players are releasing IDF Galil variants that are made very close to the look and feel of the real steel versions. Each gun is hand finished and issued with a unique serial number.

September 2007 Schedule for Electrowerkz CQB Games Announced


Firefight Combat Simulations, a company based in London, specialising in airsoft gaming, airsoft retail and tactical training using airsoft weaponry, has announced the September schedule for CQB games at Electrowerkz.

Airsoft Rallies 'Round The Troops


We would like to inform you of the Raffle for a Cause in support of US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan posted at the Depot 53 site: "From the beginning the airsoft community has rallied around the effort to raise money for troops stationed

JG MP5 Navy Full Metal Now Available at Action Hobbys


Action Hobbys, a family-run business based in Milton Keynes that does sourcing and importation of AEGs and keeping the costs low, has now in stock the JG MP5 Navy Full Metal. I have been contemplating on getting one of these, but I am still awaiting some reviews/feedback from the field.

JG AK-47 Full Metal RIS Again in Stock at Airsoft GI


We just received news that Airsoft GI has the Jing-Gong Full Metal AK-47 RIS back in stock after selling like hotcakes...

Krukspec Philippines Releases New Combat Shirts


Krukspec Philippines is really going for it, in fashion, literally. It has released nine Combat Shirts that are sure to make you wet your tongues. These are the CADPAT, Desert Tri-Color, Woodlands, Subdue Tiger, MC, Khaki, Digital Tiger, Digital SAF, and ACU.

New Airsoft Gear from Tango Tactical


Tango Tactical, a company launched in December 2003 to provide quality gear at affordable prices to airsoft enthusiasts, has some new items in stock. All of these gears are made by airsoft players themselves.

Custom Work Airsoft Rifles from Landwarrior Airsoft


It seems the good folks at Landwarrior Airsoft are getting busy as Santa's elves with their custom work on several rifles.

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