Now Up to 10% Discount from RedWolf Airsoft for UK-based Customers


RedWolf Airsoft has increased the discount for UK customers from 5% to 10% (Did we hear CHEERS!!!

More Combat Shirts from Krukspec Philippines


Krukspec Philippines recently released three new combat shirts to make you increase your BDU collections.

God Save the Queen: Oil Fields 06-10-2007


This is new --- a milsim event posted at the Filipino Airsoft Forums with a setting that seems to have been taken from a fantasy movie: TEAM BUNGO in cooperation with Airsoft Brotherhood Alliance (ABA) presents: G

Systema and Pro-Arms Items at Airsoft Global


Airsoft Global an airsoft company based in Hong Kong with over 10 years of experience has new items in stock as of 5 September.

dEFCONAirsoft Birthday Competition


Our friends from dEFCON Airsoft have posted their 1st year anniversary gimick..."On 24th September 2007, dEFCONAirsoft will be exactly 1yr old, and to celebrate our 1st Birthday, Fire-Support LTD have decided to throw us a Birthday party...

RedWolf Airsoft - Official Wiley X Distributor


Another plus for RedWolf Airsoft: "RedWolf Airsoft are proud to be appointed as Official distributor of Wiley X Combat Eyewear.

DBOYs SPR Mk12 MOD.0 Full Metal at CRW Airsoft


CRW Airsoft, an airsoft retailer that imports from China and sells in the UK and Europe, has in stock the DBoys SPR Mk12 Mod Full Metal.  This is a hefty looking rifle from DBoys and if you want a sniper loadout with full-auto capabilities, then t

Important Notice to UK customers from

OptimusPrime, the ever reliable retailer of ACM airsoft gear has posted an announcement for all its UK-based customers: "Due to the unclear situations of the new airsoft regulations beginning from October 01, 2007 in U.K.

Echo 1 Full Metal M14 RIS (EBR) Pre-Order at Airsoft GI


Airsoft GI is accepting pre-orders for the Echo 1 Full Metal M14 RIS, another Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) that is available mainly from higher end airsoft manufacturers or as a kit to build your M14 with.

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