Tactical Tailor Advisory to International Customers


Posted at the Tactical Tailor website...

Advisory: 911 Anniversary and Stand Down Call


To our readers, it is the 6th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center Towers.

Gunner Airsoft Is Now Selling KART M14 EBR


For all those who have been stymied by the fact that M14 EBR kits are expensive, and fully-completed M14 EBR airsoft replicas are even more expensive, you now have time to rejoice (join me praising the high heavens!).

Arnies Airsoft Now PDA/Mobile Friendly Again


Cool, Arnies Airsoft is now mobile and PDA friendly again, and it's a welcome update if we want more airsoft information while on the road..."After a quick bit of playing around Arnies is now readily accessible from most PDAs.

1st Protocol Proudly Presents: OPERATION CYPRESS II


Another message sent by Karina of 1st Protocol Airsoft regarding another Operation Cypress event..."Due to popular demand and success that came out of the first event, 1st Protocol is proud to present Operation Cypress II.

EVIKE.COM Custom Anniversary ICS M4A1 Machine Gun

OptimusPrime is accepting pre-orders for the Custom Anniversary M4A1 Machine Gun due to arrive on 16 September 2007... "ICS / Anniversary Limited Edition Full metal full size M4A1 AEG package. Fully upgraded internal and external.

Ghost Camo Short Sleeve Combat Shirt Available At Landwarrior Airsoft


A new item at Landwarrior Airsoft has been added..."The Combat shirt is an under armour shirt designed to be worn underneath chest rigs or CIRAS style vests. It allows the wearer to remain cool on the warmest of days.

Additional Items for September at

OptimusPrime has added more items to its September new items: Bulle US MOLLE Cutaway Armour Carrier Vest, Bulle US MOLLE RACV Releasable Armour Carrier Vest, Bulle US MOLLE Low Drag Double M4 and AK Mag Pouch, Bulle US MOLLE Lightweight Single Pistol

OPERATION: INTRINSIC MOON. 6-7th Oct 2007. Catterick Urban Ops


Strategic Solutions formed in 1992 to meet the demand for private military companies (PMC) in troubled areas across the globe. Recruiting only the best from the world’s elite military units quickly gained them a reputation as one of the premier organizations within the private security sector.

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