G&G Swedish AK5 Cesar AEG In The Works?


We have heard from reliable sources that G&G are making an AEG version of the AK5, the Swedish variant of the FN FNC Assault rifle and is the mainstay service rifle in the Swedish Armed forces.

Airsoft Arms Fair 8-9 October 2011


The 4th Airsoft Arms Fair now announced and for the first time, it's going to be a 2-day affair. Since it's just a month a way, better try to book your tickets as soon as you can...

KSC Model 26 Metal Slide Version


This is now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$114.00...

SPEED Airsoft Releases Pro Series Tools


PRESS RELEASE: SPEED Airsoft is launching a line of professional series of tools that not only look good, but very practical in terms of their functions that will suit both serious airsofters who do their own tuning and for techs who do it for a

Begadi BE-X Rooikat Combat Shirt


Newly stocked at Begadi and they're selling this for €39.90...

Patriot 2 SLIT Kit & WE G36 Cocking Handle


Tomo sends us the latest products out of PDI-Japan via X-Fire. They just recently released the 3rd Gen Patriot 2 SLIT based on the Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot.

Double Eagle Super-90 Combat Shotguns


Looking for other online airsoft retailers for some budget shotguns? Get Reload have the Super 90 Combat Shotguns which are available under US$50.00, shipping costs not included.

Aftermath CZ75D CO2 & S&T PPSH AEG


The latest airsoft guns in stock at Pyramyd Air... "Check out the new S&T Armament PPSH AEG submachine gun & Aftermath CZ75D CO2 blowback pistol now at Pyramyd Air.

Ballistic Tsunami Run N' Gun Drills Video


Flanker's latest video at his Ballistic Tsunami Channel. I hope he didn't bother the neighbours... "Here's a fun video of a couple of Ballistic members training before a big OP...

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