Zeroing A Red Dot Sight Or Scope


Tungsten 74 Zeroing A Red Dot Sight Or Scope

Tungsten 74 gives tips in how to zero-in a red dot sight or scope, which is the first thing to do right after procuring one for your airsoft gun... "I bought a new red dot sight and the gun doesn't shoot where I want it to. Yes it is. In fact, it can't be like that, because how? We have to first adjust the rifle scope, Red Dot, no matter what - any aiming aids so that we can hit it reliably. Here I give you a complete description and tips on how to make it easier. Airsoft is of course in the foreground here. However, I have my experience in the field of firearms, which is why the principle applies to this type of weapon as well. Many thanks to the Airsoftfreunde Sonneberg."

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