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WhispTech Slimline CO2 Airsoft Pouch

WhispTech Slimline CO2 Airsoft Pouch

WhispTech talks about the Slimline CO2 Pouch he designed in cooperation with OneTigris... "This was an idea that I brought up awhile back but think forgotten in all the hustle of the site. I have searched high and low for even a shotgun shell holder of this design but usually because for shells hold 12, or even 1tg 7 and all different designs but not really meant for co2 however can be used.

As an airsofter we sometimes have to carry co2 be it for my rifle or for my pistol. However I don't need to carry 12 co2 and even 6/7 is unnecessary so designed this low profile pouch to be worn either on belt or plate carrier that holds 4 co2 cartriges which is plenty. For my rifle thats roughly 120 shots per each canister or 3-4 pistol mags worth at roughly 25 shots per mag so 100 shots. That is why we don't need so many. 3-4 to carry as backup for refill is plenty. "

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