USAirsoft: $10,000+ Airsoft Gun Collection


USAirsoft: $10,000+ Airsoft Gun Collection

So how does a US$10,000+ airsoft gun collection looks like apart from visiting an airsoft store? Here is a video from USAirsoft... "@Trung The Maker said I had to see Brian's Airsoft Collection all throughout my weekend visiting Houston. He said that I've never seen a collection like his and that's I'd want to film my reaction when I walked through the door.
He was right.

Never have I seen a more beautiful Airsoft collection than this one. So many gas blowbacks lined the walls, so many rare and uncommon replicas like the GHK RPK, the WE Tech Apache MP5, and a one of a kind 3D printed Six12. Brian of Kinetic Action LLC really needs to be noticed.

Maybe not for his $10,000+ collection with over 50 guns on display but for his creative mind that can truly bring several great products and innovations to the Airsoft market.

If you like what you see here then please check out Brian with these links and share this video around to as many people as you possibly can so we can get this man a job in the Airsoft industry!"

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25 Oct 2020

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