Taiwan Gun: CYMA Platinum CM.103 AEG


Taiwan Gun: CYMA Platinum CM.103 AEG

A quick look at the CYMA Platinum CM.103 AEG that Taiwan Gun will be carrying... "The CM.103 is a replica of the Israeli-American assault rifle (military version with a SAFE/SEMI/AUTO fire modes) with improved ergonomics and handling compared to standard AKs. The replica itself is another project resulting from the cooperation of CYMA with our TAIWANGUN.COM store.


  • 16-inch external aluminum barrel, with a precision inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm
  • polymer handguard with Picatinny accessory rails
  • extended aluminum upper receiver with Picatinny mounting rail for optics, laser, or night vision
  • polymer lower receiver (as in the original rifle)
  • polymer folding retractable stock with an adjustable cheek rest
  • ambidextrous AR15-type safety selector levers
  • ambidextrous charging handle
  • ambidextrous magazine release
  • ergonomic polymer pistol grip
  • polymer folding sight set
  • polymer 7.62x39-size magazine with dummy cartridges visible in the mag window
  • dummy flash suppressor with a 14mm thread CCW
  • front and rear sling attachments

The rifle in the already known PLATINUM configuration has a velocity of around 430 fps (can be downgraded) and, in combination with a LiPo battery, a ROF of around 25rps and a faster trigger response. This was achieved due to the new gearbox parts with increased durability, such as:

  • reinforced hybrid gearbox frame with quick spring change system
  • processor unit with built-in MOSFET system
  • full steel teeth polycarbonate piston
  • CNC machined steel gear set (ratio: 13:1)
  • 8mm ball bearings
  • CNC machined aluminum silent cylinder and piston head set (ball bearing piston head, double o-ring cylinder head)
  • ball bearing spring guide
  • high-speed motor

The set includes:

  • Alfa replica
  • 200rd mid-cap magazine"

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