TAGinn ML-36 Care & Maintenance Video By Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez TAGinn ML-36 Care & Maintenance Video

For owners of the TAGinn ML-36 airsoft grenade launcher, they can follow this overview, care and maintenance video that has been produced by Airsoftjunkiez. Based in Norcross, Georgia in the U.S., Airsoftjunkiez is one of the biggest stockists of TAGinn pyros and dummy grenades as well as launchers for airsoft use... "Airsoftjunkiez TAGinn ML36 overview, break down, care & maintenance.

Disclaimer: If the system is under CO2 pressure for more than 2 hours, please let the O-rings 'rest' for 15-20 mins, before loading a new CO2 cartridge. Its very important to allow the O-Rings to rest."

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28 Feb 2021

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