Shell Ejecting Maruzen M870 Shotgun Gameplay


P.O. 【GBBリアカンサバゲー] Shell Ejecting Maruzen M870 Shotgun Gameplay

P.O. 【GBBリアカンサバゲー】got another gameplay video showing the Maruzen M870 Shotgun in action... "This time, I participated in a game with the Maruzen's shotgun, which is a lovely to use in Sabage! When you shoot, the shell will be ejected! It seems that you can reload the gun just like the real tthingk. About 5 years ago, I bought a different Maruzen airsoft shotgun, but it's not so much just to squeak in the house, but I'm never though of taking it to Sabage. It's a famous gun that has been scattered by trial and error so that many Gunsmiths can use it until now ... It's really cool in terms of pictures, so I'd like to ask if there is a shop that can customize it somehow." (Machine translated)

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