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NightStrike Viper Foregrip Review

Callsign: Reach NightStrike Viper Foregrip Review

Callsign: Reach calls the NightStrike Viper Foregrip the "Comfiest Airsoft Accessory in the Galaxy" which has an isolated finger groove along with an angle to support a natural feel. Find out why in this video review... "Hello, all of you beautiful, Corporate loving, airsoft playing boys and girls. Here's a review of what our clickbait department dubbed 'the Comfiest Airsoft Attachment in the Galaxy'. It's a unique foregrip made to put that extra 'oomf' into your airsoft experience. It really puts the 'tact' in 'tactical'.

While I have a love-hate relationship with angled foregrips, I think that this is an innovative take on the classic design. The Viper is very similar to the Magpul AFG."