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Gunfire: EMG M4 Sharps Bros "The Jack"

Gunfire: ARES M4 Sharps Bros "The Jack"

Gunfire's "Instant Airsoft" series feature the EMG M4 Jack licensed by the Sharps Bros. which is now available at their online store... "A replica manufactured by a renowned EMG company. Thanks to a license from American Sharp Bros, a manufacturer of parts for the live firearm original, the User can feast his eyes on the authentic designation and markings on the receiver as well as, more importantly, the shape of the magazine well.

The replicas’ appearance was carefully imitated according to licensed parts for the live firearm original. The replica features such solutions as an operational bolt-catch, adjustable, flip-up iron sights. The external barrel has a right-handed, 14 mm thread which boasts a flash hider.

The replica was made mainly of high-quality aluminum alloy, namely - entire receiver, external barrel, stock slide, etc.  The stock and pistol grip were made of durable polymer. The replica features a telescopic stock  with 5 position settings - it can be adjusted in length, which allows adapting the replica to the body type and preferences of the User. The battery is stored inside the stock slide.

Thanks to the top RIS 22 mm mounting rail and M-Lock accessory rails, it is possible to attach a wide array of additional accessories such as optical sights, lighting or tactical grips. The replica is equipped with one  QD tactical sling swivel - enabling the detachment with one press of a button.

Access to the Hop-Up chamber is gained in a traditional way - after pulling back the charging handle. Features a satisfactory functional bolt-catch. The enlarged magazine release button simplifies and makes the usage of the replica more pleasant.

M4 Sharps Bros The Jack also has the ability to rapidly replace the spring without having to disassemble the gearbox frame. The heart of this replica consists of a reinforced, slightly modified gearbox V2, with an integrated EFCS - Electronic Firing Control System module. It controls the operation of the trigger box, allowing for a smooth operation and, above all, shortens the motor reaction time to a squeeze of the trigger. A standard connector cube was replaced with an electronic system. EFCS has an built-in MOSFET module. The replica is compatible with gearbox programmers by ARES.

EFCS significantly prolongs the lifetime of the mechanism, thus of the entire replica and allows to use a high-voltage battery, including LiPo.

The replica comes with a steel Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 300 BBs.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

  • replica
  • magazine
  • cleaning rod
  • User’s manual"