Geonox Airsoft: CZ P09 OR GBB Pistol


Geonox Airsoft: CZ P09 OR GBB Pistol

The ASG CZ P09 OR or Optic Ready Gas Blowback Pistol is available to order. Geonox Airsoft got one to check out... "In this video I show you the CZ P09 OR. The OR stands for Optics Ready. I've already shown you a P09 in the past. The difference is that the Optics Ready version in this video has a thread and an optics assembly for a red dot sight. The thread is important if you want to screw on a silencer or a tracer. And aiming with a red dot sight is much easier than with a rear sight and front sight. This pistol comes with a CO2 magazine. CO2 has more power than a gas magazine and is more resistant to cooldown. So that the pistol can withstand this, we have a metal slide here. I clocked the gun outside at 4 degrees. If you're interested, I can chronicle the pistol again indoors at room temperature on Instagram. And then we like to take a closer look at the visor."

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