Fulcrum: Unbridging A Bridged Airsoft Inner Barrel


Fulcrum: Unbridging A Bridged Airsoft Inner Barrel

Airsoft mod guide from Fulcrum shows you how to unbridge a bridged inner barrel... "In this airsoft guide I'll be attempting a rather unusual yet useful mod, removing the bridge from an airsoft inner barrel. This allows for flexibility when it comes to hop rubbers. The airsoft inner barrel in question is a 6.03mm Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 barrel which we want to fit a Maple Leaf MR Hop bucking on.

Unbridging an airsoft barrel isn't too tricky but it requires paitence and slowness. If you rush you will balls it up entirely. Take your time and for goodness sake don't use a Dremel. All that is needed to modify an airsoft inner barrel to accept unbridged buckings is a vice and a small file.

This is definitely a more obscure mod, if you're upgrading a sniper rifle you're most likely going to be changing the barrel anyway, but the inner barrel of the Striker is a really good stock barrel if Ares have got their numbers right. And the longer contact point with the unbridged bucking will help increase backspin whilst keeping the required pressure to a minimum."

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