Fox Airsoft: How To Takedown ICS L85A2


Another tech tip from Fox Airsoft and this time it's the ICS L85A2 AEG that will be opened. Be prepared to listen and watch carefully if you intend to do your own maintenance of this AEG... "Be careful! Some of these screws in here can be very small and are often very difficult to find once you have lost them. It is also a good idea to have pressure on the spring guide when you remove it from the gearbox.

Tools/materials you will need: Hammer, Punch, Screwdriver & cleaning cloths.

Reasons to do this: A full gun breakdown is one of the best ways to better understand your gun and to make any modifications to it. If there is ever something wrong with your gun it is also very advantageous to know how to take it apart and to put it back together again and also to be able to name all of the pieces.

If you need any extra help or need a professional to do it, you can call us here at the shop at 888.316.7816 or you can just bring it into the shop to have one of our gun techs check it in for a full-on diagnostic and/or repair.

IMPORTANT!: If your gun is still under warranty from Fox Airsoft, please do not attempt to do your own tech work. Bring it into the shop so we can have a gun tech take care of the problem. If you attempt to do your own tech work, you will void your warranty and have to pay for repairs regardless of the purchase date."

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