Dirty Civilian: Medical Every Civilian Should Know


Dirty Civilian: Medical Every Civilian Should Know

This also means, which every airsofter should know, so this is a video by the Dirty Civilian that our readers might want to watch as it is applicable in and out of the airsoft field... "Kitting out your Med Bag is trendy. But what medical tools does the average citizen need and what procedures should they actually know? We cut through the fluff with Paul "Doc" Pollack of Baer Solutions and get back to the basics of medical and trauma procedures every civilian and family should prioritize:

Massive Hemorrhaging. Unresponsive Adults. Unresponsive Infants/Children.

This also serves as a refresher for everyone who has taken a basic medical class but isn't regularly practicing these deteriorating skill sets.

Paul is a former Fleet Marine Force Corpsman of the Navy, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and taught CLS and TCCC to hundreds of Marines while performing his platoon duties. He is now an EMS Critical Care Paramedic, District Chief, and a deputy under the Special Operations Division of his Sheriff's Office (SWAT, Water Rescue, SAR). He continues to serve the broader community as the Medical Instructor for Baer Solutions."

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