Custom AAP-01 Cyberpunk SMG Project


Suicide Neil Custom AAP-01 Cyberpunk SMG Project

Suicide Neil shows how he turned an Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol into a Cyberpunk SMG with a Nerf blaster... "GBB pistols are fun, and I wanted to add to my collection with a GBB rifle or SMG; slight issue however, as those are typically very expensive and/or rare, with very little in the way of options. So, being the creative type I decided to take my crafting and modding skills and build my own, sort of.

I combined an AAP-01 pistol with a Nerf Crossbolt foam dart blaster, with some Milliput, careful shell cutting and a paint job to create something truly original and unique- the result, an AAP-01 Cyberpunk style SMG. The pistol is bedded into the shell with the epoxy putty to keep it securely in place once the shell halves are screwed together, with enlarged openings for the magazine (takes standard and extended mags\) and the charging handle, with an enlarged charging handle coming via Project Airsoft to make pulling back the slide easier.

Beyond that I made a tiny modification to the trigger to reduce the amount of excessive travel distance, otherwise the pistol is completely stock- set to full-auto because that's how SMGs should always be..."

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