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Burntwolf: Strange Tips For Airsoft #2

Burntwolf Airsoft: Strange Tips For Airsoft #2

We get another episode of Strange Tips for Airsoft from Burntwolf Airsoft... "Right then you Orrible lot this week on Burntwolf airsoft im going to be passing on a few more strange and random tips for airsoft.Now im not going to lie a few of these where things that should have turned up in other videos but i forgot to include them at the time.But there are also a few hidden gems in there that dont really fit into anything else.

The best two tips in this video i would say,would be to people count,and count yourself to work out patterns and as daft as it sounds adding silicone gel bead packs to your kit bag as it goes along way to stop things going rusty smelling or mold growing in kit bags there also a great thing to chuck in a gun bag if you dont plan on using the thing for a long time."

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