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Amoeba Striker AS-02 Sniper Rifle Revealed

Amoeba Striker AS-02 Sniper Rifle

The second generation of the Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle from Ares Airsoft was unveiled early this week, the Amoeba Striker AS-02... "In 2016, AMOEBA STRIKER AS-01 has been launched to the market, we are glad that it has became a sensation among players.

After 2 years, We proudly announce that AS-02, the Bolt Action Scouting Rifle, will be released shortly, it is in mass production stage! And of course, new parts and accessories will be followed with AS-02 very soon, Please keep in touch.

About G2 (Generation 2) Upper Receiver:

  • 90 Degree Sear
  • Full Lenght Top Rail
  • Shorter Mag Well
  • Screw-fixed Bolt Pin

Thank you for your supporting! And we can’t wait to see you guys continue to be creative for AS-02, just like the AS-01 Community!"