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 RedWolf Airsoft SHOT Show 2019 RedWolf Airsoft SHOT Show 2019

Next up in the series of SHOT Show 2019 by show Tim Selby of RWTV and Airsoft Amigos talk about the products from RedWolf Airsoft and RWA... "The distributor and manufacturer RWA (RedWolf Airsoft) showed some of their own licensed products.

The RWA B.A.D. GBBR will be released within some months. This use eg. the ZET system from Tokyo Marui. Later on they will also release an AEG model with the same external appearance.

Last year they introduced the gas powered pistol RWA Nighthawk Custom Agent 1 and this will be released shortly and only 100 pcs will be manufactured.

This year they introduced the RWA Nighthawk Custom Agent 2 and this was a prototype. The release date is not finally decided yet but probably near the end of this year."