Airsoft Mock Suitcase Time Bomb


This is most probably the best DIY suitcase timebomb that can be used in airsoft games. The beeping sound and clock timer would surely make your heart beat fast as you try to beat the clock to disarm it. Just make sure you don't bring it to public places or you might be prosecuted with anti-terror laws, mock-up or not... "Hi, This is my first try on making an Airsoft Suitcase time bomb. It uses a microcontroller (Arduino) to control the functions.

Main specs:

  • Programmable timer
  • Movement detection (once activated the device cannot be moved or it will be triggered)
  • Escape detection (a proximity sensor detects if the person tries to run after the device is activated)
  • Remote control and monitoring (a GSM module provides info about the device status and allows for remote detonation or disarming)
  • 3 redundant power supplies (if any of them is disconnected, the device will be triggered)
  • 2 different active materials (mock C4 and mock Bio-Chemical material)
  • Large LED (7seg) time counter
  • Small LCD display"

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09 Aug 2022

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