Agilite Gear Pincer Placard


Agilite Gear Pincer Placard

Has Agilite revolutionised mag pouches? Watch this video as they present the Agilite Pincer Placard ... "The Agilite Pincer Placard™ is a hook-backed elastic placard that holds three 5.56 magazines. Its revolutionary Patent Pending funneled magwell design allows you to grab or re-index a magazine with just one hand while still maintaining rock solid retention so your mags never fall out.

  • Fits three 5.56 magazines
  • Hook backed mag pouch for Placard Capable Plate Carriers
  • Patent-Pending funneled magwells guide the mag to the optimal insertion point for snag-free, speed re-indexing of mags
  • Polymer magwells give elastic pouches long-term reliable retention and superior durability
  • Attaches to any Agilite or other placard-capable plate carrier or pack in seconds
  • Built-in height adjustment capability for perfect plate carrier positioning
  • Both G Hook and Placard Buckle compatible (both provided with product)
  • Allows for silent magazine draw or re-insertion
  • Designed, tested and battle-proven in Israel"

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