Up To 71% Off With Gunfire's Winter Reload Sale


Gunfire Winter Reload Sale 2020

Oh goodie! Another sales event at Gunfire that you might want to look into. They are having a Winter Reload Sale where prices are slashed up to 71% off their retail prices. Also they got new arrivals such as the LCT Z Series, Amoeba Striker, Camo Pen, Specna Arms CORE PDW and more novelties.

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Camo Pen

"If you want to remain unnoticed on the airsoft battlefield, good masking is essential. Camo Pen paints offer you a very simple, fast and clean application of an effective camouflage on a replica and more! Camo Pen paints are equipped with a convenient applicator with a sponge, they are suitable for coating plastics, ceramics, metals, and textile materials.

Gunfire Camo Pen

LCT Airsoft Z Series

As the official LCT distributor in Poland, we want to inform you about the delivery from this manufacturer! It includes the long-awaited accessories from the Z Series! Among them are handguards, stocks, rails and other parts for replicas of AK assault rifles.

Gunfire LCT Airsoft Z Series

Amoeba Striker

AS03 replicas are probably the shortest, serial, spring-powered sniper rifles. The whole construction is only 48 cm and weighs just over 1.5 kg! Such a short barrel will prove onself in even the tightest rooms during CQB games. The handgaurd was made of polymer reinforced with nylon fiber which creates an extremely durable construction. The replica is equipped with a bolt action system. The mid-cap, short magazine (45 BB's) feeds BB's directly into the HU chamber, which significantly reduces the frequency of jams. The use of CNC technology during production has resulted in fantastic precision and a compact, sturdy construction.

Gunfire Amoeba Strike AS03

Specna Arms MTU ™ - Mini Tracer Unit

Specna Arms MTU ™ - Mini Tracer Unit is a compact sound suppressor with the function of glowing up tracer BB’s. The silencer has a built-in, efficient rechargeable battery charged using micro-USB, energy saving mode and an attached adapter for both pistols and carbines replicas.

Gunfire Specna Arms MTU ™ - Mini Tracer Unit

Specna Arms CORE PDW

We’ve added to the Specna Arms CORE™ offer models with PDW stocks. Products from this series are characterized by a durable and light construction. They are equipped with a solid gearbox, a precise, rotary HU chamber, and the quick spring change system- CORE™."

Specna Arms CORE PDW


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