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New Airsoft Joules Limits In The Netherlands To Take Effect Next Year

Airsoft Player Dutch Flag

If you are an airsoft player based in The Netherlands or if you are planning to play there next year, here is something for you to take note and keep in mind. There is a new set of Joules Limits (not FPS) that has been approved by the NABV, or the Dutch Airsoft Association and it will take effect on the 1st of April 2019 (nope not an April Fools’ joke).

Our friend from Slickaxe, of, kindly allowed us to do a repost of this news posted at his website:

The Dutch Airsoft Association NABV announced new rules per April 1st 2019. No, this is not an April 1st fools joke, these are careful considerations and discussion. Now after month of testing and arguments, the new rules set has been determined and will be effective soon! Former 2013 rules will be replaced entirely. Main considerations are safety, bringing back fun gameplay and limit joule creep. Foreign players that will visit The Netherlands, please also take these new rules into consideration!

The 4 biggest changes in the new 2019 rules:

  • The maximum limits are set in Joule instead of FPS.
  • A new class has been added: CQB-only. This makes a total of 4 socalled classes.
  • Tests are done with at least 0.30 gram BBs.
  • A maximum of 0.40 gram BBs are allowed on all game areas.

The above CQB class is exclusive. This means if only an organizer chooses to use it, every airsoft device must comply with this. The choice to use this class lies entirely with the organizer, not with the NABV. The DMR class has a max rate of fire: 4 shots a second, single shot only!

See the detailed graph below for all rules per class. Remark the 0.9 Joule limit for CQB games!

So there you go. There is strict implementation of these new rules when they take effect next year. Make sure that you adjust your airsoft guns according to class as well as avoiding any 6mm BB that weighs over .40g.