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Neill Blomkamp’s “Firebase” Is A Vietnam War Sci-fi Horror Short Film

Oats Studio "Firebase"

Neill Blomkamp is busy with this experimental studio these days. At Oats Studio, he’s back with what he does best, conceptualizing movies that combines sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. His previous Oats Studio shorts were Rakka, in which a militia fights against an alien species which has invaded and terraforming the planet, and a cooking TV show gone awry called Cooking with Bill, he follows these up with another sci-fi horror called Firebase and it is set during the Vietnam War.

The film is about a mysterious thing happening to the U.S. soldiers deployed in Vietnam in the 1970 where they encountered deformed bodies and military vehicles disintegrating in the air. The CIA has been tasked to investigate this mystery and the lead investigator sees it to be being done by River God who can become invisible and has telekinetic powers to destroy anyone and anything in his path. But one thing that he can do is also to revive the dead soldiers, turning them into zombie-like creatures. A MACV SOG member, Sergeant Hines, knows how to kill these creatures and is dead set in hunting down the river god.

The CIA agent, Jacob Palmer, finds Hines after the latter came out of what looks like to be a lonewolf mission and brought him back to a secret base. There they questioned a survivor of Firebase Tarheel who recalls having seen the River God and in that moment, experienced a dream-like experience where he was transported back to Charleston Air Base in South Carolina where they were under attack by the Soviet aircraft never seen before and these aircraft were can land vertically and spew flames at everything, destroying the base. Agent Palmer said it did not happen though he did not sound convincing.

Palmer then briefs Hines about an impending plan to kill the River God. He also explained that according to witnesses, Hines seems to be being protected by the environment, as he does not get hit by bullets and shrapnel, an invincible soldier. He also said that the River God was an ordinary villager who developed his special powers due to sheer grief when his family died and his village burned to the grown. The local villages started calling him the River God as he leaves a trail of destruction and starts tampering with the space-time fabric.

The short film leaves off where Hines was given a special suit and equipment that will protect him from the breakdown of space time as they hunt the River God. His weapon was an electric-magnetic coil gun. Hines wears the suit as they prepare for the showdown with the River God and his minions of undead.

Will there be another episode that will be released by Oats Studio that will bring this story to conclusion? We are not sure, and in an interview by the Verge with Blomkamp, he said that they have several paths to take Firebase to, but did not reveal if they are going to shoot any of these. But for those who buy the short from Steam, they can download source materials to give their own take on the short, just like others did to Rakka.