MP5A5 NGRS & Glock 19 Gen 4 GBB Revealed At Tokyo Marui’s Marufes Online Part 4


Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS

We were 90% correct in guessing what Tokyo Marui will reveal at their Marufes Online Part 4. It was just determining which of the models that the company decided on and honestly, they did not disappoint me.

For those expecting a Glock 19X GBB pistol, the Glock 19 Gen 4 GBB is a more natural progression for the company in the Glock 19 series given that their last Glock 19 was the Gen 3 edition so they would not jump the series leaving behind a Gen 4. We will expect them to release a Gen 5 or 19x perhaps next year as they need to catch up with the releases of the Austrian pistol company.

Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 4 GBB

On a personal note, I was wishing that an MP5 NGRS model will be released by the company and they granted my wish. Whilst it would also be great if an MP5 gas blowback model was revealed, I am more interested in the technical aspects they do with the MP5 NGRS and they have introduced enhancements to the NGRS line which they call the M-System or the Magnetical Fire-Control System.

With the M-System, the MP5A5 NGRS is the most “electronic” amongst the NGRS with a MOSFET, brake system, 3-round burst (hooray!), sleep mode, auto-stop and system check mode. The Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS is not the first MP5 AEG with the recoil and blowback, BOLT Airsoft was the first to come out with one for their SWAT series. It is not also the first MP5 AEG with the 3-round burst and MOSFET, VFC was ahead. But the Tokyo Marui MP5A5 have all these features in one neat package.

Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS

What’s even better? Both the Glock 19 Gen 4 GBB and MP5A5 NGRS were designed faithfully to the exact dimensions as the real deal ones that most if not all accessories such as holsters and mounts designed for these weapons will fit these airsoft versions.

Watch the three videos of the Tokyo Marui Marufes Part 4 online below to watch Deka and Irodori Mayoi present these two airsoft guns. Since they are in Japanese, we also have their features and specifications in English right below these videos.







Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 4 GBB 02

Series: Gas Blowback
Price: TBD
On-Sale: Estimated in Summer 2021
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Decide to release GLOCK19, Gen4 version.
  • The texture of the nonskid of the grip, replaceable backstrap, L,R compatible magazine catch are reproduced as Gen4.
  • Equipped with blowback engine of GLOCK19 released last year.
  • Compatible with GBB G19 magazines.

Production Specifications:

  • Length: TBD
  • Inner Barrel Length: TBD
  • Weight: TBD
  • Capacity: 22 + 1 rounds
  • Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
  • Power Source: HFC134a, HFO1234ze+LPG


Tokyo Marui MP5A5 NGRS

Series: Next Generation Automatic Electric Gun
Price: TBD
On-Sale: Estimated in Summer 2021
Target Age: Over 18 years old



  • The MP5 A5 is based on the real MP5. It has been reproduced almost faithfully.
  • The upper receiver is made of zinc die-cast.
  • The front assembly uses a lot of aluminum to avoid being front heavy.
  • The handguard, lower receiver, butt plate, selector and cocking handle are made of reinforced nylon resin.
  • The surface finish for many of the metal parts are powder coated to give a realistic.
  • The muzzle is not 14mm reverse type as it is based on the specification of the MP5 around 1990. A muzzle adaptor is included to fit a silencer.
  • The magazine reproduces the welding method of around 1990. The magazine is specially designed for the MP5 Next Generation Electric Gun.
  • 200-round magazine is under development.


  • A new mechanical box has been developed with a 3-burst.
  • The newly developed "M-System" controls the FETs with an IC chip.
  • The M-System offers the following safety advantages:
    • Prevention of outbursts in case of FET failure
    • Prevention of over-discharge of the battery
    • Stops operation when it detects a malfunction in the internal mechanism
  • The M-System allows you to control the following.
    • Auto stop
    • 3-burst
    • Operation check mode
    • Brake control (Sector gear rotation stops in the same position every time)
    • Sleep mode
  • Equipped electronic fuse. Improved trigger response.
  • The recoil unit is located in the receiver.
  • The ejection port opens in the same way as the real one.
  • Hop adjustment dial is located in the ejection port.
  • The rear sight can be adjusted up and down.

Production Specifications:

  • Length: TBD
  • Inner Barrel Length: TBD
  • Weight: TBD
  • Capacity: TBD
  • Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.28g)
  • Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH AK Battery

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