The Lever Action Rifle Is Brought To The 21st Century With The POF USA Tombstone 9mm

Gungho Cowboy

POF USA Tombstone 9mm

Some of us have started our experience in shooting using lever action guns, whether as pellet guns, or for some more serious caliber imagining ourselves as cowboys going after outlaws in the Wild Wild West. But of course, that’s just shooting at the range and it was fun using Lever Action guns, but they look like they are stuck in time in their design.

But no more, POF USA, the Arizona-based firearms maker known for its well built AR designs, decided to give it a shot and may just have succeeded in bringing the rifle to this century with the Tombstone 9mm Lever Action Rifle.

POF USA Tombstone 9mm 02

Take a look at the various enhancements and add-ons that POF USA did on the Tombstone 9mm. If you can’t read the text on the image below, there is clearer text beneath it:

POF USA Tombstone 9mm 03
  • Magpul SGA 870 Stock
  • Oversized Throw Lever
  • Half-cocked Hammer Safety Position
  • 3.5 LBS Single Stage Flat Trigger
  • MIL 1913 Picatinny Top Rail
  • 10 / 20 Round Magazines
  • 10.5" M-LOK Rail
  • XS Ghost Ring Sight
  • 12 O'clock Picatinny Rail
  • Free Float Fluted Barrel
  • Two Port Break w/ 1/2X28 Thread Pitch

With the Picatinny top rail, owners can have the option to mount their own optics such as red dots and the rifle has a shotgun-style cross-bolt safety that can be located at the rear of the receiver. But before you go on buying third party 9mm magazines to use with it, you’ll be disappointed that it uses a proprietary 9mm magazine seen used with POF USA’s 9mm Phoenix. The Tombstone comes with the 20-round magazine and there are options to get 10 and 35-round magazines.

POF USA Tombstone 9mm 04


POF USA Tombstone 9mm 05


POF USA Tombstone 9mm 06


POF USA Tombstone 9mm 07

The POF USA Tombstone 9mm is not exactly an affordable rifle to own and is geared towards premium buyers. It is available in black for US$1,962 and in FDE for US$2,097.

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