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Juggernaut Unveils Affordable SLEEV & BUMPR Rugged Smartphone Cases

Juggernaut Case Atak Ops

A few years back, Juggernaut Defense released their Juggernaut cases for smartphones so they can be used in tactical situations. As apps that can be used for operations such being released for smartphones, it allows military and law enforcement organisations to use commercial off the shelf products, in this case, existing smartphones, which also translate into lower costs in acquiring equipment needed on the field.

Whilst the Juggernaut cases are useful for the organisations that can afford it, including the accessories for attaching them to comms and MOLLE vests, they can be expensive for milsim and airsoft players. A basic Juggernaut Case will set you back US$275.00, regardless of the phone model you want. But when you start adding up the accessorie such as vehicle mount, rail mount, PALS armour mount, then the money you’ll need to shell out will start up piling up.

But airsofters and milsimers eyeing to get one of the Juggernaut cases can rest easy, a bit. The company just launched a new website and they announced two affordable cases --- the SLEEV and BUMPR. Both are available for the year old high end Samsung and Apple mobile phones, the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6. No versions for the S8 and iPhone 7 yet but the good news is these are expected to be released in late Summer 2017.

The SLEEV is similar to the Juggernaut case and at first glance you will not notice any difference. To shave some costs and make it affordable, the the glass screen protector is omitted and it uses a foam gasket to seal to the touchscreen, rating this case IP-6X meaning it is dust tight. The original Juggernaut case is IP67 rated, meaning that is fully protected from dust and can also withstand being submerged in 1 metre. The SLEEV will set you back US$150.00, as compared to the US$275.00 Juggernaut.

Now for the really budget conscious, there is the BUMPR case. This is more a new version of the further trimmed to save on costs. What is removed is the glass screen protector and it is simply snapped or screws together for a smaller form-factor case design. Since the Samsung and iPhone models compatible with are mainly IP68 rated (well, mainly the Samsung as the iPhone 6 is IP67 rated) which means they are water resistant, with the Samsung S7 can be dropped up to 1.3 metres for 30 minutes before it is rendered useless. As for the price, each phone version can be purchased for US$60.00 so that should within reach by a good number of airsoft players and they can just add a bit more for the mounts to fully use the BUMPR.

As for the mounting accessories to use these new cases, airsoft players can select amongst the following: a belt mount, rail mount, PALS mount, or the forearm mount and these are what we can recommend as others may not exactly be needed such as the vehicle mount or the accessories for doing HAHO jumps.

Both the SLEEV and BUMPR cases are available right now at the Juggernaut cases. Now, we’ll just to find out which mobile apps  are available for these smartphones that airsoft players will find useful for the game.