Vehicles In Call of Duty: Warzone Get Disabled After Game-Breaking Glitch Was Discovered

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COD Warzone Vehicles

After entering a Call of Duty: Warzone and find that you are unable to use the vehicles, don’t you worry. Everyone’s experiencing that as Infinity Ward disabled vehicles after players discovered a glitch that breaks the game and this glitch involves vehicles. If left unfixed, the glitch can cause a lot of grief and frustration to a lot of players of the game.

According to Eurogamer, the glitch happens when any vehicle is driven to a specific point on the map that will trigger the "return to combat area" warning which gets displayed if the players goes off the game boundary.

Now, when this warning is triggered, a countdown begins so that a player is compelled to return back to the game zone but when driving a vehicle to the specific zone freezes the countdown. The player can still drive around the map but unable to do anything else including leaving the vehicle.

But very soon, that glitch would then end the game for the entire lobby, shutting down the gameplay. A Warzone game can accommodate up to 150 players simultaneously and if a game lobby is full, then that’s 150 angry players. Ok, 149 angry players if the player who caused the glitch found it fun to do it.

To avoid this problem, Infinity Ward removed the vehicles it the game so players can continue playing whilst they try to find a fix to the glitch. There is no update when a fix will be applied so for the meantime players will be running or walking around Verdansk instead of having the option to use vehicles to drive around and cause mayhem.

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If the lack of vehicles will lessen the fun, there are other ways to have fun such as unlocking the FiNN LMG, available for use in Multiplayer, Warzone, and Co-Op since 1 September. It’s a monster LMG that has a low cyclic rate and advanced recoil controls, giving the FiNN exceptional full-auto accuracy. If you get to unlock this, give them hell.

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