Ninja Tanks Back At Airsoftjunkiez


Super lite HPA tanks from Ninja Paintball are back in stock at Airsoftjunkiez... "The Ninja SL Carbon Fiber Air Tank has set the new standard for how light a paintball air system can be. The tested and DOT approved Ninja SL tank utilizes new technology that drastically reduces the weight of your air tank, up to 3/4 of a pound difference.

Ninja LPR2 Regulator Refresh Test Video


Airsoftjunkiez do a test on the LPR2 regulator from Ninja Paintball, and update on their popular LPR regulator. This can be used for the HPA-powered airsoft rifles and is said to be one of the fastest recharging regulators availablee in the market. So will the LPR2 provide a massive improvement over the original LPR? Find out in the video below:

Airsoft Atlanta: Ninja LPR V2 HPA Regulator


Coming soon to Airsoft Atlanta is the Ninja LPR V2 HPA Regulator for use on HPA-powered airsoft guns and here is John of Ninja Paintball to tell you more about it and Airsoft Platz using it... "Thanks to Platz Airsoft, Ninja Paintball, and Power Ops for the footage. A sneak peak of the brand new Ninja LPR V2 HPA regulator. A very high refresh rate HPA regulator for your airline setup. Works well with both Wolverine and Polarstar engine systems."

Ninja Paintball's Ninja LPR Air Regulator


With the increasing growth of HPA powered airsoft guns such as those from PolarStar Airsoft and perhaps Daytona Blowbacks, Ninja Paintall are announcing the release of their product to answer the need for a reliable air regulator... "Ninja Paintball is very happy to introduce our Ninja LPR Air Regulator.This exciting new product allows players using HPA based airsoft guns to power their airsoft gun confidently with a regulated consistent flow of air.

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25 Oct 2020

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