Airsoft Mike Unboxes The WE G17 DeadPool GBB Pistol


Another package from Swit Airsoft for Airsoft Mike to unbox and it is a Deadpool Gas Blowback Pistol with a WE G17 as base. According to Swit Airoft this was made using a special high computer transfer printing artwork and features a hot-style of 'Aged-black' process the outer barrel; Pro Plus metal magwell; the extension housing and the high-end new bottom base pad are attractive; and each gun has a unique serial number.

Airsoft Mike: WE Airsoft L85A2 Gas Blowback


This is just the first part of the unboxing an overview of the WE Airsoft L85A2 GBB Bullpup Rifle by Airsoft Mike... "Today I unbox the updated version, the latest batch, of the WE-TECH L85A2.

The most talked about GBB ever! But not always good!

HOWEVER.. what out of the box improvements have WE-TECH made for this 2020 purchase?

Join me now in part one of two videos I am making as I explore this awesome looking L85!

WE G19 Series Gen 5 MOS/RMR GBB Pistol


Maniek44 takes a look a the G19 Gen 5 GBB Pistol from WE Airsoft that can accommodate an RMR sight. Available at most retailers in Europe, this GBB pistol is usually supplied with four RMR plates and one RMR dummy sight. Green Gas powered, magazine has a 25BB round capacity and has an initial muzzle velocity of 300fps.

WE Airsoft MSK/ACR GBB Rifle Review


We get to see a gas blowback ACR/Masada from WE Airsoft in this video review by AMG Jay. It's out of stock at many retailers but if you do look around there are still some circulating in the market. This GBB rifle has a full metal RIS fronted, QD barrel system, tightbore inner barrel, ambidextrous operations, folding retractable stock, and aluminium upper.

Upgraded WE Airsoft Glock 18C GBB Pistol


This full WE Airsoft Glock 18C GBB pistol, which can also shoot in full auto, got some upgrades before Airsoft Mike did a review. The upgrades included are a RA Steel CNC outerbarrel, Maple Leaf hop-up chamber, Maple Leaf hop up adjusment wheel, T-N.T. S+ Barrel, and the T-N.T. T hop-up bucking... "Today I finally get around to unboxing and taking a look at the very familiar We-Tech G18c, HOWEVER, this one has some serious internal upgrades!

Taking Apart WE Airsoft Silencers


Higun Talks gets to talk about silencers from WE Airsoft... "This was a fun video that I thought of putting together after looking at so many reviews for this product online just nobody knew what really to do with it so once again I hope that his video finds some of you out there with questions and gets them answered."

Tom's Airsoft Channel: WE F17 GBB Pistol Second Look


Tom's Airsoft Channel checks out the other P320/M17 Gas Blowback Pistol made by WE Airsoft but is being sold under Asia Electric Guns as the F17 GBB Pistol. This is an unlicensed version and thus the model name though what we hear from our sources is that WE was supposed to produced the SIG Air ProForce M17 GGBB Pistol but then SIG Sauer decided to have VFC produce the pistol as well as other SIG Sauer gun designs for the airsoft market.

WE Hi-Capa 7.0 Dragon GBB At Bomb Up Airsoft


One of the long GBB pistols in the market, the WE Hi-Capa 7.0 Dragon GBB Pistol is available at Bomb Up Airsoft... "This airsoft pistol by WE is constructed from alloy with polymer grips, providing a comfortable and realistic feeling. The 20mm underside rail allows for fitment of torches and lasers, or any other accessories you might want to attach. An ideal pistol for any Airsoft player from beginner to experienced.


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