JG Bar 10 With Wolverine Bolt System Installed


Long Shot the HPA Sniper, a member of the Omega Squad, talks about his JG Bar 10 HPA sniper rifle that uses the BOLT System from Wolverine Airsoft... "Introduction to YouTube and discussing my JG Bar 10 HPA sniper rifle with the Wolverine Bolt system. RunCam 4K Scope Cam, First Strike tank, Wolverine Storm regulator and Maple Leaf hop-up and bucking system."

Wolverine BOLT M Silverback SRS A2 Installation


Some airsoft players gleefully installed the Wolverine BOLT M HPA Engine on the Silverback Airsoft SRS A3 sniper rifle after it got released. Heavy Metal Airsoft shows you how easy it is to install it... "Installing the Wolverine Bolt M HPA engine in my Desert Tech SRS was super easy and really the ultimate upgrade for this replica."

HPA-Powered Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun


The Airsoft CamMan goes into action with a custom HPA-powered Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun... "This week some CQB action in the container yard of Battletown, and it's the first time using my new HPA Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Shotgun.

The M870 is a pump action and can either be set to 3rnd or 6rnd per shot. Each shell holds 30 bbs."

Kraken Airsoft's Beginner HPA Airsoft Guide


Another guide from Kraken Airsoft and this one's designed for those starting out with HPA airsoft... "If you are interested in getting started with an HPA setup for Airsoft this is the video for you! The Beginner HPA Airsoft Guide is something I have wanted to do for a while here. But thanks to Amped Airsoft it is now a reality! If you are wanted to get started with HPA Airsoft make sure you pay them a visit and watch the whole video!

HPA-Powered Classic Army MP5 SD3


A good airsoft gun, the Classic Army MP5 SD3 has been updated with the latest AEG tech from the Hong Kong-based airsoft manufacturer. But how does it fare as an HPA-powered one? Watch Tom's Airsoft Channel show one that uses the Wolverine Reaper Gen 2 HPA engine... "Hey guys, today in the video I can show you the Classic Army MP5 SD3 in the HPA version. As always, I wish you a lot of fun with the video :)"

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA G&G SSG-1


The G&G SSG-1 AEG is now out and Airsoftjunkiez quickly made a custom HPA version of it. The Airsoftjunkiez custom G&G SSG-1 is equipped with a PolarStar Airsoft Jack HPA engine and shoots at a 55rps. Should make a good number of Speedsofters happy given that G&G SSG-1 is the first AEG designed for speedsoft. There are more custom HPA airsoft guns at their online store.

Airsoftjunkiez HPA Builds With Tracer Units & Speed Triggers


Airsoftjunkiez announce that they have new custom HPA builds with tracer units and speed triggers for airsoft players who have a need for speed. You can check their online store for these and a whole of lot of custom HPA builds to meet the playing styles of HPA airsoft players being the most prominent airsoft shop that does a lot of HPA business.

Airsoftjunkiez Custom HPA LMGs Available


Airsoftjunkiez got custom HPA LMGs available for those going to the Third Coast Airsoft Operation Fury and other airsoft events. In this video they show a custom HPA RPK LMG, check their online store for other options, including HPA assault rifles... "Airsoftjunkiez custom LMG builds ready for TCA Op Iron Fury. PolarStar Fusion Engine shooting 1.55j using High Power Airsoft .32g bbs."

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25 Oct 2020

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