Umarex Walther P99 GBB Pistol Test


Venture Shop tests the Walther P99 GBB pistol from Umarex in this video... "Faaaaala guys! For today's review we brought you a Umarex pistol that is just incredible. The Airsoft Pistol Walther P99 is a GBB model, licensed and made to offer the best performance at a very affordable value. Let's meet this beauty!"

Marushin SIG P210 GBB Review By Mach Sakai


As SIG Pistols seem to be all the rage these days, Mach Sakai takes a look at the SIG P210 Gas Blowback Pistol made by Marushin. Both the lower frame and slide are made of ABS plastic, a magazine capacity of 12 + 1 BBs, and an initial muzzle velocity of the 236fps on 134A Gas. Check how it performs at his range as well a go over its features.

G&G GTP-9 GBB Pistol At Bomb-Up Airsoft


A quick presentation by Bomb Up Airsoft of the G&G GTP-9 GBB Pistol that they have available... "We have a fully ambidextrous GBB pistol which isn't a HK design, and it doesn't just look great, but also has some G&G intelligence inside too. Featuring G&Gs now-usual 'Whirl' valve, which spins when fired to break up any ice deposits inside the nozzle.

Vorsk Agency VX-9 Twin Pack Special Edition


A double treat from Airsoft Mike as he unpacks the Vorsk Agency VX-9 Twin Pack Special Edition... "Today we unbox the twin pack of the Vorsk Agency VX-9, based on that very popular franchise that has an agent called 47!

This particular product has a very limited run and already hard to find, HOWEVER, they do also come as a single sidearm, so you can just buy two if you really want that 47 vibe!"

0'20 Magazine & OGA Forces On The Secutor Gladius Magna


0'20 Magazine got as special guests the members of OGA Forces to talk about the new Gladius Magna Blowback Pistol from Secutor Arms... "The other day we got together unexpectedly with Jesus from OGA FORCES to talk a little about his experience with the NEW GLADIUS MAGNA and this is a piece of what we talked about Magna and other curiosities of airsoft, a conversation like the one you would have with your Teammates."

Salty Old Gamer: Echo1 TAP Hi-Capa GBB Racer


Is the Echo1 USA TAP Hi-Capa GBB Racer a good option for a backup pistol or a customisable race gun? The Salty Old Gamer takes a look... "We're checking out this Echo1 TAP HiCapa GBB Racer. It's a fully upgradeable mid-tier airsoft gbb that could be the best performer for the price we've looked at so far. Stay tuned to find out."

PAC Tiki Stainless Steel Kit For Marui V10


Here is a very quick overview of the Tiki Stainless Steel kit for Marui V10 GBB Pistol as made by PAC and is now on pre-order at CRW-Airsoft in Hong Kong. This is the Miami Vice model and it made for a limited run so those interested in this can get in touch with Eddie of CRW-Airsoft to ensure that they get theirs.

I hope we're reading it right since it says it's US$2,600. That's a rather very expensive kit. We also hope we're wrong.

Airsoft Mike Unboxes The WE G17 DeadPool GBB Pistol


Another package from Swit Airsoft for Airsoft Mike to unbox and it is a Deadpool Gas Blowback Pistol with a WE G17 as base. According to Swit Airoft this was made using a special high computer transfer printing artwork and features a hot-style of 'Aged-black' process the outer barrel; Pro Plus metal magwell; the extension housing and the high-end new bottom base pad are attractive; and each gun has a unique serial number.

New Piranha SL Series From G&G Armament


The G&G Piranha series got another member, the Piranha SL... "The all-new Piranha SL Series features a lightweight aluminum slide and comes with a 25 round standard magazine and a 20 round long decorative magazine. The longer inner barrel and split slide design allows for superior accuracy and range by stabilizing the barrel when firing. The safety is conveniently located on the trigger itself. An elongated picatinny rail provides ample mounting options.

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