Taiwan Gun: CYMA CM.057B Sniper Rifle


Taiwan Gun: CYMA CM.057B Sniper Rifle

A quick overview of the CYMA CM.057B airsoft sniper rifle available at Taiwan Gun... "After very good opinions of the previous version of SVD, CYMA presents the next replica of this popular sniper rifle. The iconic rifle of high-quality workmanship is a position that will please many airsoft players. The replica is made of high-quality materials such as aluminum, polymer and steel. Parts made of steel: receiver cover, safety lever, trigger guard and magazine. Aluminum parts are: flash hider, outer barrel, handguard, gas block, receiver, bolt carrier, receiver extension, scope mount rail. Pistol grip and stock made of polymer.

The internal parts are specially designed for this model. Replica mechanism:

  • specially designed gearbox
  • CNC machined steel gear set
  • reinforced piston with two steel teeth
  • reinforced directional piston head
  • 7mm steel bearings
  • ball bearing spring guide
  • hi-torque motor

Set includes:

  • SVD replica
  • 100 magazine
  • battery and charger"

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14 Jul 2020

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